Ed Reed to Return in 2013 (VIDEO)

Ed Reed 2013 Ed Reed to Return in 2013 (VIDEO)Many had been wondering.  Now we know the answer.

Ed Reed says he’ll return to playing professional football next season, according to ESPN.com.

“I’ll be playing next year,” Reed said this afternoon before a team practice in preparation for their date with destiny – a February 3 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.

Some had thought that Reed, now 34 years old, might retire after this season.

Reed went on to add today, “No, it’s not my last ride. I just bought a bike.”

Ed Reed has been selected to play in nine Pro Bowls, and his 61 career interceptions are a franchise record.

“There’s no other man like Ed Reed,” said Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones. “He’s passionate and he’s such a hard worker. That guy helps me out, and he’s a safety. He understands the game at every position.”

In just over a week, Reed will be playing in his first ever Super Bowl. It will be held in his home state of Louisiana.

“It’s amazing to be going back to New Orleans,” he said. “I’m so grateful.”

Of course, the next big question is WHERE will Reed be playing. One would certainly hope he’ll return to Baltimore, but these days you just never know.

More in the video below.

 Ed Reed to Return in 2013 (VIDEO)

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