Baltimoreans Honor Pope Benedict’s Final Day

Pope Benedict XVI Baltimoreans Honor Pope Benedicts Final DayLocal Catholics are marking Pope Benedict XVI’s final day “in office” today.

Students at School of The Cathedral will assemble at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen for a special Mass on Thursday.

The ceremony will commemorate Pope Benedict XVI, who is stepping down as pope.

Employees with the Archdiocese’s central services offices will be watching live coverage of the Pope’s Farewell ceremonies, live from Rome, Italy.

Pope Benedict will depart from the Vatican in grand fashion, via helicopter.

He will be keeping his name “His Holiness, Benedict XVI.”

The ring that he wears, though, dubbed the “Fisherman’s Ring,” will be destroyed together with the lead seal of his pontificate.

Cardinals are now en route to Rome for meetings and determine who his replacement will soon be.

That conclave will likely start next week.

 Baltimoreans Honor Pope Benedicts Final Day

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