Ray Rice Urges Lawmakers to Ban Cyberbullying

Grace McComas Ray Rice Urges Lawmakers to Ban CyberbullyingA measure to prevent online harassment and bullying of minors will get a hearing before lawmakers here in Maryland.

The hearing on the Cyberbullying Prevention Act will be held on Thursday before the House Judiciary Committee.

The new bill would ban electronic harassment of a minor based on sex, race or sexual orientation – and those who in violation could face up to a year in jail or a $500 fine.

Baltimore County Delegate Jon Cardin is sponsoring the bill following a number of high-profile cyberbullying cases, including 2012’s suicide of Grace McComas.

The teen from Howard County killed herself after being repeatedly been on the internet.

McComas’ mother is expected to testify at today’s hearing.

Maryland First Lady Katie O’Malley and Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice are also supporting the bill, and both have been invited to testify today.

Rice has begun a foundation to prevent bullying.

In his written testimony, the Ravens running back describes how his younger sister was bullied recently at school.

“We cannot protect every child from bullying, but we can protect children from being bullied over and over again. A law like this helps people like me and other responsible adults by allowing us to protect our loved ones from repeated and traumatic bullying.,” Rice says in his testimony.

“Anything we can do to prevent one more child from taking their life or suffering through the pain and anguish of bullying, is the right thing to do. I believe that this law may have saved the life of Grace McComas and it certainly will save the lives of other young men and women in the future,” Rice added.

Rice’s testimony will be read at today’s hearing by WBAL‘s Keith Mills.

 Ray Rice Urges Lawmakers to Ban Cyberbullying

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