Pennsylvania Man Recovering after Kingsville Hit and Run

Hit and Run Pennsylvania Man Recovering after Kingsville Hit and RunA man from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was hit by a speeding vehicle on Saturday night after his motorcycle ran out of gas on the side of Route 1 near Kingsville, according to Perry Hall Patch.

Andrew Pearson, 19, sustained a cracked tibia and torn knee ligaments after trying to dive out of the way of the oncoming car, according to his Perry Hall girlfriend Alex Spiroff.

He is currently recovering at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, where he underwent surgery to repair his injured left leg.

“Besides that, he’s doing pretty good,” Spiroff said. “He’s a high spirited guy, doing the best he can.”

Spiroff and her family are still trying to track down the responsible party.  They posted to Facebook on Saturday asking people for help identifying the driver.  Since then, that post has been shared more then 360 times, Spiroff said.

At around 10 p.m. EDT Saturday night, Pearson called his girlfriend and her father to help him with his 2003 Shadow Spirit 750, which had stalled out.  He pulled his bike over onto the narrow Route 1 shoulder just past Mt. Vista Road and waited for assistance, as he didn’t yet realize he had simply run out of gas.

Pearson then saw a small, Honda-sized car heading right for him.  He tried to dive out of the way, but the vehicle still clipped the lower part of his left leg. The impact caused substantial damage to the small sedan, according to Spiroff, whose father recovered a “foot-long piece of the car” that had broken off after striking Pearson’s steel-toed boots.

Aside from a broken left mirror, “the bike is pretty much untouched,” Spiroff said.

 Pennsylvania Man Recovering after Kingsville Hit and Run
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