Toddler Bitten by Pit Bull Mix in Dundalk

Beware of Dog Toddler Bitten by Pit Bull Mix in DundalkA 20-month-old girl is recovering after she was bitten in the face by a pit bull mix in Dundalk on Sunday afternoon.

The girl was reportedly putting on her coat to leave a home in the 7200 block of Conley Street when the dog jumped up and attacked her, according to WBAL-TV.

The girl was rushed by Medevac to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. She is expected to survive.

Mark Southard is the owner of the dog, a one-year-old pit bull-beagle mix named Raven.

Southard was upstairs when the attack took place, and he had just had surgery so he couldn’t get downstairs as quickly as he would have liked.

“The baby’s uncle was right there. He just grabbed the dog instantly and got her away, and it stopped as quickly as it happened,” Southard said.

He said the little girl had a bite on her face near her eye. The girl and her mother are friends of the family who had stopped by for a brief visit. Southard said they don’t come over very often so the dog wasn’t familiar with the girl.

“We have other children that come over all the time. There are children that are around her, and she’s fine with them,” said Southard, who has raised pit bulls for a decade and has never had any issues with his dogs biting anyone.  He admitted, though, that Raven had sometimes become aggressive in the past.

“We knew she had issues with smaller children until she got to know them. Evidently we know her issues are bad now,” Southard said.

He’s decided to give up the dog, and Raven is now being kept at Baltimore County Animal Control until officials decide what to do with her.

 Toddler Bitten by Pit Bull Mix in Dundalk

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