Pikesville woman waving gun shot by police

Police Lights Pikesville woman waving gun shot by policeUPDATE 2: Baltimore County Police have charged Stephanie Kamlot, 40, with first degree assault and obstruction of justice in connection with this police-involved shooting.

She remains in the hospital and will be transferred to the Baltimore City Detention Center upon release. She was given a bail amount of $500,000.

UPDATE: Police have learned that the woman who was shot was waving a fake gun in the air.

They will seek a mental evaluation of the woman who will be charged with first-degree assault and obstruction of justice.

Original story below…


A woman that police say was being unruly and waving a gun was shot multiple times by an officer early Saturday morning.

The incident took place 3100 block of Northbrook Road in Pikesville at 1:45 a.m. ET.

When the responding officer arrived on the scene, he saw a female standing in front of the house. The officer approached her and the woman then threw a large rock at the house, breaking a window.

The woman then pulled out a gun, which the officer ordered her several times to drop.

The woman did not comply and the officer fired, hitting her in the upper body multiple times.

She was then taken to a local area hospital where she is now in serious condition.

The shooting is still under investigation. There have been no charges filed.

 Pikesville woman waving gun shot by police

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