Secret ‘man caves’ found in Landover EPA Warehouse

Remote Control Secret man caves found in Landover EPA WarehouseGovernment contractors may have killed time in secret “man caves” while on the job, according to Government Executive.

A warehouse maintained by contractors for the Environmental Protection Agency was found to contain hidden rooms filled with exercise equipment, TVs and couches, a recent audit revealed.

EPA’s inspector general found that the contractors used partitions, screens and piles of boxes to shield the secret rooms from security cameras in the Landover building.

The warehouse is owned by the General Services Administration and leased to the EPA for approximately $750,000 per year.

The EPA has issued a “stop work” order to Apex Logistics LLC, the responsible contractor, thereby making sure the employees can no longer access the facility (EPA security escorted contractor personnel off the premises last month) and ending all payments on the contract.

Conditions at the warehouse “raise questions about time charges made by warehouse employees under the contract,” the report said.

“The warehouse contained multiple unauthorized and hidden personal spaces created by and for the workers that included televisions, refrigerators, radios, microwaves, chairs and couches,” the IG report said. “These spaces contained personal items, including photos, pin ups, calendars, clothing, books, magazines and videos.”

In addition to the hidden “man caves,” the IG found an incomplete record-keeping system, several security and safety hazards (including an open box of passports), and “deplorable conditions” – including corrosion, vermin feces and mold.

EPA administrator Bob Perciasepe stated in a letter to the inspector general that the agency has taken “immediate, aggressive actions” since the findings were revealed.

“The EPA is committed to addressing the previous conditions at the warehouse and implementing institutional protections to ensure those conditions do not recur at this facility or any other used by the agency,” Perciasepe wrote.

You can view the report below.

EPA Landover Inspector General Audit

 Secret man caves found in Landover EPA Warehouse
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