Man hit by car during altercation in Pasadena

Police Lights Man hit by car during altercation in PasadenaA 58-year-old man was injured on Friday night when he was struck by a car during an altercation between the passengers of two vehicles in Pasadena.

Timothy Paul Schwoerer, of Pasadena, was taken to Shock Trauma after being hit by an Acura on Route 100 late Friday.

Andrew Charles Bennett, 25, of Cockeysville, who was behind the wheel of an Acura that was heading west on Route 100 just before midnight, was trying to notify police about an SUV that had been driving erratically.

The SUV blocked the Acura near Magothy Beach Road, forcing the car to drive on the shoulder, according to police.

Two people exited the SUV and approached the Acura, police said. Bennett tried to avoid a confrontation, and that’s when he struck Schwoerer, who had also gotten out of the SUV.

Bennett left the scene and called police from a nearby business.

Anyone with additional information on this incident is asked to call police at 410-222-8610 or contact Eastern district at 410-222-6145.


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