7 sickened at Parkville group home

Carbon Monoxide 7 sickened at Parkville group homeUPDATE: It appears that the problem was carbon monoxide, which fire personnel detected during their response, using gas meters carried on fire apparatus.

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Officials in Baltimore County say seven people were taken to the hospital after they fell ill at a group home in Parkville.

Paramedics responded to the 3800 block of Hillcrest Avenue on Sunday night for a report of an unconscious man.

The man was taken to a local hospital, but paramedics were called back again on Monday morning after several residents and employees felt ill.

Six were taken to hospitals for treatment.

A hazmat team and the Maryland Department of the Environment are analyzing the air in an effort to determine what made people feel sick.

No foul play is suspected, but officials are trying to determine whether a mix of household chemicals, pesticide or carbon monoxide may have caused the problem.

“When we bring our meters in, initially they’re going to read like a CO reading, but that’s just telling us it’s a possible dangerous environment, so we bring additional meters in. Once we bring additional meters in, we realize it may not be CO and then we’ll call in Maryland Department of Environment to help us do an evaluation,” said Lt. Jay Ringgold with the Baltimore County Fire Department.

The investigation continues at this hour.

 7 sickened at Parkville group home

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