Baltimore Humane Society: K-9 blood bank desperately needs donors

Baltimore Humane Society License Plate Baltimore Humane Society: K 9 blood bank desperately needs donorsVeterinarians are out for blood.

The Baltimore Humane Society issued a desperate plea on Thursday for canine blood donors due to the fact that the state is suffering from a serious shortage of canine blood.

The blood is used for sick or injured dogs.

The Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank, which is a large provider of blood in the Maryland area, has had to ration blood, refer canine patients elsewhere or place them on waiting lists.

Blue Ridge says it’s down to less than seven donors. It usually requires 15-20 as many of the volunteer dogs move away or simply age out of the donor program.

Anyone with a healthy dog between the ages of 1 and 7 should consider registering to give blood if they are able to do so consistently.

The next blood bank will be held at the Baltimore Humane Society on July 27.

Contact to register.


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