Maryland cracking down on E-ZPass lane toll jumpers

E ZPass Toll Maryland cracking down on E ZPass lane toll jumpersThe state of Maryland is about to start cracking down on those who blow through an E-ZPass lane with no pass.

Those who commit the offense could have their licenses suspended.

It’s currently estimated that some 650,000 drivers owe Maryland about $6.7 million.

The state encourages drivers to buy E-ZPasses, but it is still legal for drivers to pass through those lanes without them. When the bill is mailed, drivers are obligated to pay up.

The state says that’s not happening.

“We need to insure that, that one percent of people are paying their fair share, too,” said Bruce Gartner, Acting Exec. Secretary, MDTA.

As of July 1, drivers who go through the E-ZPass lanes without a transponder will receive a bill in the mail, which they will have 30 days to pay.

Failure to pay that bill will cost drivers a $50 fine.

Failure to pay the $50 fine and the toll could result in the driver’s vehicle registration being suspended.

Drivers can pay their tolls by contacting E-ZPass customer service at 1-888-321-6824.

 Maryland cracking down on E ZPass lane toll jumpers
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