70 boxes of U.S. Air Marshals’ ammunition found in car

Brandon Michael Shreve 70 boxes of U.S. Air Marshals ammunition found in carBROOKLYN – An officer who pulled over a vehicle that was acting suspiciously wound up nabbing three suspects for a pair of recent auto break-ins.

At just before 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, an officer on patrol on Hammonds Lane near Robinwood Road observed a black Chevy driving in a suspicious manner. The vehicle struck a curb and proceeded down Robinwood Road and parked on Cresswell Road.

The vehicle was occupied by three white male suspects, who sat in the car with the lights off.

The officer eventually approached the driver, who stated that he was checking to see if his vehicle was damaged.

The officer observed 70 boxes of law enforcement use only ammunition in plain view.

Neither the adult driver nor the two juvenile suspect passengers could provide a verifiable reason as why they were in possession of the ammunition.

A subsequent search of the car revealed bolt cutters, flashlights, and latex gloves, along with various auto parts inside the vehicle.

The driver, 18-year-old Brandon Michael Shreve, of Linthicum, admitted to working with the juveniles to break into a trailer located in the 7000 block of New Ridge Road in Hanover. It was later determined that the trailer and ammunition belonged to U.S. Air Marshals.

The adult suspect also admitted that the group had broken into a Ford Mustang in Hanover and stole parts.

All three suspects were arrested and charged.

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