Parkville High School to host alumni career day

Parkville High School Parkville High School to host alumni career dayPARKVILLE – On Wednesday, November 27, Parkville High School will host its first annual Alumni Career Day.

Through collaboration between former Parkville students and current faculty members, Parkville High School is ready to open its doors to alumni who will share their occupational knowledge with current students and expose them to a variety of careers.

“Having former students come back to Parkville High to share their career experiences to current students is exciting,” said Katherine Case, Parkville High School Teacher and School to Career Coordinator. “It’s exciting for teachers, because we are reminded that our students actually leave us to go on and do great things. It’s exciting for our current students, because it will show them that there is life after high school and the decisions they make today can impact life and career options in the future.”

Students will have the opportunity to attend informative presentations from over 45 former Parkville students. Alumni participants will speak towards their high school experience, their path since high school, and their current career. The goal is to relate students to former alumni through a shared experience while exposing students to a variety of occupational fields and exciting them with career possibilities.

“The school is an extension of the community. This is a great event to showcase so many Parkville alumni who have become productive community members. When our current students have the opportunity to meet these graduates and hear their experiences in the professional world it will give them something concrete and tangible that will hopefully drive them to do well during their time here at PHS,”said Matt Ames, Parkville High School Principal. “I love the idea that they will be given a clear picture of how working hard in high school can pay great dividends in the future. My hope is that at the end of the career day our students will go home saying, ‘That can be me one day!’.”

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