Kamenetz nominates Will Anderson as Director of Economic and Workforce Development

Will Anderson Kamenetz nominates Will Anderson as Director of Economic and Workforce DevelopmentTOWSON – Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz on Monday proposed a new department name and department head nominee for the County’s economic development agency. Under legislation that he will submit to the County Council, the Department of Economic Development would be renamed the Department of Economic and Workforce Development.

“Although this may appear to be a minor name change, it actually reflects a significant shift in focus for Baltimore County,” said County Executive Kamenetz. “As I meet with employers, they consistently tell me that jobs are available, but they need employees with a specific set of skills to fill those jobs. The County must serve the employment needs of its existing employers, helping them grow. I am confident that we can do that. Providing a steady stream of well-trained workers will be job one in Baltimore County’s economic development plan.”

To carry out this new vision, County Executive Kamenetz is nominating Will Anderson as Director of the new Economic and Workforce Development Department in Baltimore County. Pending Council approval, Anderson will begin his service on December 30. Mr. Anderson currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer for the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education (MBRT), a position he has held since 2002. At MBRT, he led the organization’s business partnerships and convened executive level advisory groups in industry, education and the public-sector. He is an experienced collaborator on large scale initiatives with the corporate community, economic and workforce development, research universities, K-12 and non-profit organizations, and he is known for his exceptional communication, collaboration and facilitation skills.

“I am very pleased to nominate Will Anderson to lead Baltimore County into a new era of economic development,” said Kamenetz. “It is very clear to me that we must focus on retaining and servicing existing businesses in the County as well as making an expanded commitment to workforce development. I think that Will’s skill set is perfectly suited for that task.”

In an earlier reorganization approved by the Council in 2011, the Office of Workforce Development was merged into the Department of Economic Development.

“With Anderson’s appointment,” continued Kamenetz, “the functions of the department will work more closely in sync with the creative strategy we plan to implement. The success of the new department will be easily measured by the retention of existing employers and the growth of the county employment rate.”

“It would be an honor to join this economic and workforce development team,” said Anderson. “County Executive Kamenetz has positioned the County to thrive, both in terms of job creation and supporting our employers. It’s a really exciting time to capitalize on the opportunities made possible by technology, partnership and entrepreneurial approaches to serve the public.”

“In all the years I’ve been working with Maryland’s corporations and leaders across business, education and government, I’ve never been more optimistic about the effective collaborations that are taking shape,” concluded Anderson. “In Baltimore County, we’re fortunate to have an abundance of committed people in the public and private sectors working together. It’s all about our citizens being highly skilled, fully job-ready and connected to our employers who need them to succeed in the global marketplace. I can’t wait to jump in and get to work.”

“Mr. Anderson’s resume looks outstanding,” said First District Councilman and Council Chair Tom Quirk. “I am very excited about the additional focus on providing quality workers for businesses that are expanding in the County. I look forward to having the entire council meet with Will to discuss his vision for job creation in Baltimore County.”

“Having worked with Will Anderson for 11 years at the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education, I know that he will bring many strengths to the position of Baltimore County Director of Economic and Workforce Development – high energy, a collaborative approach to generating ideas and solving problems, and a deep commitment to serving the people and expanding economic growth in Baltimore County,” said June Streckfus, Executive Director of the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education.

“Outstanding businesses in Baltimore County come in all shapes and sizes,” concluded County Executive Kamenetz. “We are home to global corporations and small independent operators, all of whom are critical to the County’s economic success. Letting them know how much we appreciate their doing business in the County and making sure they have the workers they need to be successful will be the focus of everything that Will does. It is an exciting vision.”

Anderson lives with his family in Catonsville.

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