Mizeur-Coates campaign endorsed by Montgomery County Police Union

Montgomery County Police Department1 Mizeur Coates campaign endorsed by Montgomery County Police UnionSILVER SPRING – On Thursday morning, Heather Mizeur, Democratic candidate for Governor, earned the endorsement of the Montgomery County Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 35.

“I am honored to have the support of the brave men and women from Lodge 35,” said Mizeur. “Together, we will change the status quo in Annapolis and get to work to on sensible reforms to our criminal justice system that improve public safety and protect our officers in the line of duty.

Leaders of Lodge 35 were impressed by Mizeur’s governing vision and her commitment to improving Maryland’s communities.

“After hearing Heather speak, her selection was a no-brainer for us,” said member and County Detective Jim Peacock. “Maryland has had enough politics-as-usual. Heather is a breath of fresh air, and she far outshined her competition with her knowledge of the issues, passion for public service, and commitment to making a difference.”

“Heather is a capable leader and will bring fresh ideas rather than maintaining the status quo,” said Torrie Cooke, Lodge 35 President.

FOP Lodge 35 represents approximately 1,200 police officers in Montgomery County. This is the first local FOP endorsement and the first Montgomery County local endorsement in the Maryland Democratic gubernatorial primary election.

FOP Lodge 35 joins Progressive Neighbors, Women’s Campaign Fund, and Blue America in endorsing Mizeur’s candidacy for governor. She has also earned the backing of more than three-dozen current and former elected officials, including former Congressman Wayne Gilchrest, Baltimore City Councilmember Mary Pat Clarke, and Montgomery County Delegate Shane Robinson (D-39).

 Mizeur Coates campaign endorsed by Montgomery County Police Union

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