APG Super Pond death ruled accidental

George Lazzaro APG Super Pond death ruled accidentalBALTIMORE; 9:29 p.m. ET – In a report released on Friday, the Army says a scuba diver’s death earlier this year at the Aberdeen Proving Ground “Super Pond” was accidental, and apparently linked to a rapid ascent.

The Army Safety Center at Fort Rucker, Ala. released a report on Friday regarding the January death of George Lazzaro, 41, of Nottingham.

The report’s findings are redacted under an exception to the Freedom of Information Act that includes national defense information, according to WBAL Radio.

Lazzaro died while leading a four-person team on January 30 to retrieve equipment from 127 feet.

Members of Lazzaro’s dive team told investigators they could hear someone say, “I’m losing air,” as they returned to the surface. They saw bubbles just before Lazzaro appeared on the surface.

They say he removed his mask and then sank into the water once again, according to WTOP.

The report says air bubbles were found in Lazzaro’s lungs, heart, veins and brain. The condition, known as “the bends,” occurs when a diver holds his breath while surfacing rapidly.

 APG Super Pond death ruled accidental

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