Football has been through a lot, and it had its rise and fall in popularity throughout the years. That, however, didn’t affect the reputation of some teams and people always loved to watch excellent matches.

Just remember the match between Maryland and NC State. It was an excellent match that attracted millions of views. Maryland won and it was one of the best wins you could ever watch. There are still some sites where you can watch it.

Controversies that plagued NFL

Controversies that plagued NFLThe decline of popularity of football in 2017 was expected due to the sheer number of controversies that plague players. This isn’t just about NFL, but about college level as well. So, what kind of controversies can make people say no to football?

The first element that affects the football is the aggressive nature of the advertisement companies. They gained too much power, and that hurt the whole sport. They started supporting players that weren’t the best in their teams, and no one could stop them. The quality of the competition went down due to the power those companies got, and that made people think about looking for another sport that doesn’t have that much politics.

Controversies related to players

Social justice protests against NFL playersSocial justice protests against NFL players regarding domestic violence is something many people got interested in. This got many people angry as no punishment was received even though several prominent players were involved in domestic violence. Many think that they got out without any sentence because they have money and because they play in a major football league.

Controversies like this shake the world of college football as well. The latest one refers to regulations that determine the compensation that is offered to players. The amounts they get are nothing compared to coaches and staff that work with them. This is a long-lasting problem that wasn’t under the spotlight until a month or so ago. It is an issue that needs to be solved as many young players focus their lives on football and they only got it as a way to make money.

The lack of interest in football is also connected to the sheer volume of injuries that players experience. It shortens careers of many individuals after which they are left without any source of income (players that get hurt badly in their early years). People turn toward other sports where the number and severity of injuries are small in comparison with football.