Ongoing Debate On The Number Of Games In The NBA

Ongoing Debate On The Number Of Games In The NBA

The debate surrounding the number of games NBA teams have to play is around for several years. This, coupled with the fact that many clubs choose to rest key players is something that made many people reconsider whether this can work or not. The problem is that teams have increased their roosters to allow their players to rest for a game or two in a case if the schedule is hard.

This kind of reaction to the ongoing problem was as expected as fatigue made many stars inefficient and their overall stats dropped. This, of course, didn’t sit well with fans that wanted to watch their favorite players. They pay a lot of money for seats, and they feel cheated when their favorite star doesn’t show up in the game.

Two sides of the story

As with any issue, there are always two sides to it. NBA wants star players in all games, while their teams want them to play at their best whenever they are sent to the court. But these two aren’t compatible. The tight schedule makes it impossible for players to give their all at every game.

Resting players was the right of their clubs, even though they knew it would make their fans angry. But they couldn’t do anything about that. NBA responded to this by threatening with monetary penalties for clubs that rest players without sending a notice about that. But that memo did nothing but reignite the old debate concerning this issue.

What is the issue and are there any solutions?

The most significant problem in all of this is money. Both NBA representatives and club owners know that they can’t make any changes that wouldn’t affect profits. So, both sides are pretending that the issue isn’t in their hands. NBA officials try to force the issue on trainers and other staff because they don’t know what to do. They make threats with penalties and let those trainers decide what they are going to do.

On the other hand, you got trainers and other club staff that don’t want to have anything with the issue. They are doing what they can at the moment, and that is resting players. The obvious solution to everything is a reduction in the number of games. Yes, that would reduce the profits that NBA reaps from commercials, but that would make both fans and clubs happier. If that ever happened then, clubs wouldn’t have to rest their players and fans would get to see their favorite players at each match.

The Best Place To Get Sports News

The Best Place To Get Sports News

It’s always interesting to read a story about either a team or a player. The juicier the story, more attention it will attract. But the essential element of news is to be true. Yes, speculations draw attention, but many people won’t pay much heed to something that might or might not be true.

Writing news based on rumors is irresponsible, and sadly it is the standard thing in the present news industry. People will report on anything, as long as it might attract the attention of large masses of people. Whether it is true or not is secondary in the opinion of many famous journalists.

The correct way to write news articlesBut journalism shouldn’t be like this. Every article should share a story that has evidence to back it up. People should believe that kind of news because they can check the validity of a post and see that it is true. Anything that isn’t based on clear evidence shouldn’t be found in an article that focuses on delivering the news. Those reports can go on parody sites and social networks, where the validity of news isn’t paramount.

The correct way to write news articles

Sports news tells us what happens with individual teams and players and they are valuable for their fans. Sports commentators also rely on that, so it has to be true. Speculations are better left to betting joints.

Now, you found a reliable source of sports news when you entered on this site. Baltimore News Journal has been and still is one of the best news sources regarding the sport. It featured many prominent sports journalists that wrote some excellent articles about sport and players. Some of the posts were about various competitions, while others touched on the private lives of sports stars.

Some great news this site delivered before everyone else

We first brought the story in which Joe Flacco became the most paid man in the history of NFL. It was a big deal as 120.6 million contracts weren’t something that happened for a long time after that.

We, of course, covered the whole deal from its birth to the fruition. We were one of a few portals that followed the negotiations that told the people what is happening behind the doors.

The preparations for Super Bowl were also featured on this site. We followed Ravens as they added Juan Castillo to their roster to increase their chances in the game.

Our people also reported Bernard Pollard’s aggression against Wes Walker and the fine (15000) he had to pay for that.

We also reported on other things that weren’t as connected to sport as you might love. We reported on Baltimore County Deacon being charged with owning child pornography stuff. That was important for people as they could see what happens in upper echelons of society.

We also touched on alarmingly bad weather that hit parts of Maryland. It was important to share the news so people could prepare for troubles on the road.

NFL in 2017 – Is The Downfall Of Football Upon Us?

NFL in 2017 – Is The Downfall Of Football Upon Us?

Football has been through a lot, and it had its rise and fall in popularity throughout the years. That, however, didn’t affect the reputation of some teams and people always loved to watch excellent matches.

Just remember the match between Maryland and NC State. It was an excellent match that attracted millions of views. Maryland won and it was one of the best wins you could ever watch. There are still some sites where you can watch it.

Controversies that plagued NFL

Controversies that plagued NFLThe decline of popularity of football in 2017 was expected due to the sheer number of controversies that plague players. This isn’t just about NFL, but about college level as well. So, what kind of controversies can make people say no to football?

The first element that affects the football is the aggressive nature of the advertisement companies. They gained too much power, and that hurt the whole sport. They started supporting players that weren’t the best in their teams, and no one could stop them. The quality of the competition went down due to the power those companies got, and that made people think about looking for another sport that doesn’t have that much politics.

Controversies related to players

Social justice protests against NFL playersSocial justice protests against NFL players regarding domestic violence is something many people got interested in. This got many people angry as no punishment was received even though several prominent players were involved in domestic violence. Many think that they got out without any sentence because they have money and because they play in a major football league.

Controversies like this shake the world of college football as well. The latest one refers to regulations that determine the compensation that is offered to players. The amounts they get are nothing compared to coaches and staff that work with them. This is a long-lasting problem that wasn’t under the spotlight until a month or so ago. It is an issue that needs to be solved as many young players focus their lives on football and they only got it as a way to make money.

The lack of interest in football is also connected to the sheer volume of injuries that players experience. It shortens careers of many individuals after which they are left without any source of income (players that get hurt badly in their early years). People turn toward other sports where the number and severity of injuries are small in comparison with football.

Super Bowl And What It Means To The Football World

Super Bowl And What It Means To The Football World

Super Bowl isn’t anything special for people that don’t live in the USA. For them, it’s just another sports event. The popularity of this sport is mostly limited to North America, and thus not many people from other continents are interested in it.

But Super Bowl is the most significant sports event in the USA and the number of people that watches it every year makes it one of the most attended events in the whole world. USA citizens love football (or as other nations say American football) and that attracted a lot of attention to the sport as well as the event. The number of stars rose and being a winner, or even a participant, in the Super Bowl, is something every team and every player wants. And only two best teams from the American soil can have the honor of being the part of this great event.

Super Bowl –Bigger than any football match

This event became more than just a game between two teams. It became an event where it’s important to be seen, and thus many actors and other famous people can be found in first rows during the match. Super Bowl turned from a final game of the season into an event that is focused on commercials and advertisement more than anything else. A second of commercial time during the Super Bowl costs more than 150 000 dollars, which is far above any other event.

Every player wants to play in the Super Bowl because it has a lot of coverage by various media. But not every successful player can become a part of that event. An individual that played at the Super Bowl isn’t a better person or even a better player than one that didn’t. An excellent example of this is Torrey Smith. He is a great player that helped several teams rise from bad seasons and achieve minor successes. He also did a lot of work off-the-field, including charity work. He is a great person even though he never played at the Super Bowl.