The Healing Powers and Benefits of Music


Music is known to have mending impacts on the spirit. It is additionally view as a treatment to treat the mental aggravations of the brain as per the clinical specialists. People who constantly enjoy wonderful

Right To Be Forgotten


The Internet has drastically changed how we communicate and how we deal with our daily tasks. Everything happens digitally today. We  send emails , share documents, pay bills and buy products online.  Have you ever wonder how much of

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When Drunk Driving Is A Felony v. A Misdemeanor


If you’re unfamiliar with how driving laws can vary from state to state, you may be wondering, “is a DUI a felony in Colorado?” The short answer is, “it can be,” but you’ll want to

Pre-Listing Checklist for Realtors: 5 Step Guide


Real estate agents, keep your clients happy and your listings hot! Use these five steps to ensure home listings garner attention and sell quickly for the best price. Step one: zero in on a home

Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal On Creating Businesses Based On Your Own Needs


The Secret Leaders podcast, hosted by Dan Murray, regularly welcomes guests who are innovators, disruptors, and forward-thinkers across various industries. Guests often discuss how they started in business, and how they became prolific leaders along