Accessing Your VA Medical Records Just Got Easier With DrOwl


Veterans and those seeking medical care through the Veteran’s Administration (VA) can now easily connect to their VA medical records, Medicare, and thousands of other medical providers.  In doing so, patients are one step closer to better understanding their health, helping lead to better care decisions.  This is being done through a connection with DrOwl, the HIPAA-compliant, secure platform built on patented technology that makes it easy for VA members to access, understand, and share their medical records.

DrOwl not only advances healthcare but also enables patients to find errors in their medical records to discuss with their care providers.  Studies have shown that potentially over 70% of medical records contain errors – errors that can save lives when corrected early.  By enabling military families an opportunity to connect to, review, and share their records, the VA is adding an additional level of care for each patient and their family members.

Providers use an individual’s medical history as the basis for making an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.  When records contain errors, this can impact both.  Because the DrOwl platform enables patients to not only read, but also better understand their medical history, there is a very real proactive opportunity to impact the quality of one’s care.

“Healthcare is personal,” said Arvind Raichur, CEO, and Co-Founder of DrOwl.  “No one knows someone’s health history better than the patient themselves.  By offering Veterans and their families a better way to manage their healthcare needs, we are not only giving back to them but also supporting them when it matters most.”

The DrOwl platform leverages a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a personalized Patient Portal, including physician curated resources that are written in easy-to-understand language.  These resources are designed to help patients understand their medical histories and their medical conditions.  By partnering with DrOwl, the Veteran’s Administration is doing something never seen before in the organization.  Now, patients, family members, and their caregivers have a clearer picture of their loved one’s health which can help lead to better outcomes ARC dual diagnosis treatment.  

“Setting up DrOwl was easy, as was establishing the connection with the VA,“ said Tim Quinn, a Navy veteran from Louisiana who served in Iraq.  “The DrOwl app brought in a very large amount of information and with the personal search engine, I am able to better understand my health.  I highly recommend this app for any service members who want to know what their records say about them.”

Inside the app, users can easily and efficiently access their medical records, share information, and maintain a secure, portable health history.  All VA members can personally sign up for DrOwl at no charge and sync their medical records to DrOwl to better understand their contents.  The app aggregates medical records from multiple sources and creates one unique, secure health record.  DrOwl provides a unique, and understandable view of one’s healthcare history in an easily digestible format.  Anyone who wants to learn more about the DrOwl app can visit

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