How Long Does a Facelift Surgery Last?

How Long Does a Facelift Surgery Last?


A rhytidectomy, more commonly known as a facelift, is a cosmetic surgery that is taken on by patients in order to look younger. 


Facelift procedures can lower the amount of the sagging folds of skin located in the cheek area as well as along the jawline. The alteration of these facial changes is targeted for being typical signs of aging. 


With all these fine details factored into this anti-aging procedure, how long does a facelift surgery last? 


During a Facelift 


Facelifts require the compression of the underlying muscles and tissues, along with the elevation of the skin. This could be a sculpting process of the excess fat in the face and neck, even total removal and redistribution of it. 


After the facial skin is then reconfigured on top of the repositioned contours of the face, that extra skin has to be taken out and the wound needs to be resealed. 


What kind of incisions could take place to reseal that facelift wound? 


  • Traditional facelift incisions: These cuts begin at your hairline temples, they extend down and over to the front of your ears, and finally are finished behind your ears in the bottom section of the scalp. To An incision might be made under your chin to improve the appearance of your neck.
  • Neck lift incisions: These incisions start of at the front of your earlobe, continue around your ear towards the lower scalp. There is also a mini cut small also made below your chin.
  • Limited incisions: This form of incision is shorter, starting at the hairline above your ear, and extends around the front of the ear, without stretching all the way to the lower scalp.


Facelifts are generally performed in hospitals or in outpatient surgical facilities. How long does a facelift surgery last? A facelift typically takes between two to four hours. But this time duration may be extended if there are additional cosmetic procedures that are being executed during the same appointment. 


The incisions from your facelift will most likely have bandages coving them in order to reduce any potential for bruising or swelling afterwards. Extra fluid or blood may also be drained out by a tiny tube placed under the skin in the back of one or both of the ears. 


Typical Duration of a Facelift 


How long will your facelift last after undergoing this 2-4-hour surgical procedure? If you facelift is being used to deal with not just the skin itself but structures deeper than the skin surface, expect a period of longevity of about 10-15 years. This same sturdy longevity duration is also typical for midfacial lifting, and when the eyes and the brow are getting worked on.  


What are the core factors that play a role in how long a facelift surgery lasts? 


  • Genetics: It is common that loss of neck contour, deflation, fat deposition, and other factors that cause us to age more quickly are family traits that get passed down from ancestors and relatives. 
  • Stress: When a patient has underwent a stressful situation or a difficult illness for a lengthy period of time, these events will speed up the process of aging and play a role in how long the facelift will maintain its results. 
  • Volume loss in areas of the face: Facial deflation, which refers to the volume in certain areas of the face, is a major factor in aging. How this loss of volume is addressed during the rejuvenation period plays a pivotal role in how long the facelift will last before the next time that additional filling may be required. 
  • Skin quality: Smoking and extreme sun exposure can definitely accelerate the aging process and limit the longevity of a facelift procedure. 


Now that you know how long facelifts last, get yourself ready to take the next step forward in facial enhancement. 

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