Marble Systems: Pioneering Excellence in Natural Stone Since 1982


Article written by Michael Mancini.

In the competitive world of natural stone and tile, Marble Systems has emerged as a distinguished leader since its founding in 1982. With a robust international presence and strategic locations across the United States, the company prides itself on its steadfast dedication to superior quality, innovative design, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Marble Systems has become the first choice for esteemed architects, celebrated interior designers, and selective homeowners who demand the utmost in beauty and longevity from natural stone products.

The Birth of a Visionary Enterprise

The ascendancy of Marble Systems is anchored in the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders. They recognized early on the untapped potential in offering products that were not only of exceptional quality but also unparalleled in their aesthetic appeal and durability. “We set out with a crystal-clear mission: to introduce the sophistication and enduring quality of natural stone to as wide an audience as possible,” declares Munir Turunc, the CEO of Marble Systems. “Our objective has always been to elevate the standards of the industry, not just to meet them.”

A Legacy of Prestigious Projects

Marble Systems’ commitment to excellence is illuminated through its contributions to landmark projects such as Merrick Plaza in Miami, Trump Plaza in New York, and the globally recognized Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. These iconic ventures showcase the company’s capacity to supply premium materials that perfectly balance aesthetic appeal with functional demands.

Reflecting on the company’s expansive portfolio, Turunc comments, “Our participation in projects ranging from Merrick Plaza to the Bellagio Casino has provided us with platforms to display the true potential of natural stone. These projects underline our commitment to merging innovative design with master craftsmanship.”

Diverse Selection and Deep Expertise

As a leading supplier of a wide array of natural stones including marble, travertine, limestone, and granite, Marble Systems is at the cutting edge of assisting customers in selecting the ideal natural stone for their projects. According to Turunc, “Our customers approach us with a dream, and it’s our responsibility to transform that dream into reality. We do this by offering a range of solutions that satisfy every design requirement and taste preference, from the timeless elegance of marble to the unique charm of travertine.”

The company upholds the highest standards in quality by adhering to rigorous processing and quarrying specifications and employing the latest in technological advancements, ensuring every product not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Expansive Network of Distribution and Inspiration

Marble Systems has built an extensive network of distribution and design centers across prominent cities like Washington, DC, New York, Florida, Puerto Rico, and California. This strategic presence allows the company to serve a wide range of clients with varied needs and design aspirations. “Our design centers are envisioned as wellsprings of inspiration, where clients can explore the limitless possibilities offered by natural stone,” says Turunc.

With over 160 collections of coordinated floors, walls, and decorative accessories, Marble Systems offers comprehensive design solutions that range from classic elegance to contemporary minimalism. “We aim to provide a holistic design experience, harmonizing every aspect of a space with our natural stone products,” adds Turunc.

Forward-Looking: A Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Under the visionary leadership of Munir Turunc, Marble Systems continues to pioneer new frontiers in the natural stone sector. The company’s unwavering dedication to quality and customer service has solidified its leadership in the industry.

Turunc looks to the future with optimism, stating, “The journey of Marble Systems is an ongoing saga. We are relentlessly exploring new technologies, design trends, and innovative solutions to cater to the evolving demands of our clientele. Our commitment to excellence is steadfast, and we are excited about the prospects of bringing the timeless allure of natural stone into more spaces around the globe.”

In an era where both design sophistication and structural durability are paramount, Marble Systems stands as a paragon of excellence, continually redefining the benchmarks of quality and service in the natural stone industry. With Munir Turunc at the helm, the company is well-positioned to maintain its legacy of innovation and elegance, ensuring its influential presence in the world of natural stone for many years to come.

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