Pre-Listing Checklist for Realtors: 5 Step Guide


Real estate agents, keep your clients happy and your listings hot! Use these five steps to ensure home listings garner attention and sell quickly for the best price.

Step one: zero in on a home selling strategy

Understand your sellers’ priorities and help them select the best course of action. When you’re researching comps, pull some updated properties and for ones listed without repairs. You’ll demonstrate the value of specific updates and how they translate to higher listing prices. 

Step two: pre-listing property upgrades

Houses that need repairs sit on the market for longer and sell for less than their best values. Make a list of the home improvements that will make your clients’ listings most competitive. Educate your sellers on the importance of pre-sale renovations and the timeline for basic repairs (like painting). If you can convince sellers to fix glaring issues that might scare buyers off or cause problems during the inspection, you’ll get the best ROIs.

Step three: set the stage

According to the NAR’s 2022 Profile of Home Staging, forty-seven percent of buyers’ agents agreed that home staging had a positive impact, and eighty-two percent reported that it helped buyers envision listings as their own homes.

Step four: build anticipation before a property listing is live

Pre-marketing generates buzz. Create a listing and mark it as “coming soon” before populating it –this tactic results in listings that garner interest and sell quicker vizavi-edu.

Step five: make home listings pop with professional photography

Since most home buyers’ journeys begin online, there is a significant incentive to invest in high-quality photos. It’s the perfect way to show off those pre-market renovations and staging efforts. This step is critical to optimizing listings, resulting in shorter times on the market and the best closing prices. 

Curbio makes pre-listing checklists easy for real estate agents to complete

Let Curbio tick the boxes on your pre-listing checklist. Home improvements with Curbio result in listings that spend 58% fewer days on the market. Our end-to-end service makes home repairs easy to accomplish and finance. We’ll project manage everything, and your clients will pay us after the sale is complete. Get started with Curbio.

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