Versatile Additions and Renovations to Consider to Your Country Home


The blessing of having enough space for privacy and potentially to farm your own produce is amazing. The amount of space that a property has just makes the property that much more versatile. Most homeowners couldn’t even consider putting in a small bass pond on their property while others think of it as a necessity. Additions to your country home can be done over time as you save up money for each project or addition. Increasing the quality of your life and value of your home at the same time makes this an easy choice. The following are versatile additions and renovations to consider for your country home. 

Metal Barn

A barn is going to play an important role in terms of your country home. A metal barn can be used to store cars or other valuables as they are durable under nearly any weather conditions. Children might love playing in the barn depending on what it contains. If you do have livestock, this can be the perfect place to keep them safe. Take the time to look at the various options for barns as you would be surprised as to the style and affordability of barns on today’s market. 

Chicken Coops 

Chickens on the property can provide a steady stream of eggs that you can rely on. Protection of the chickens is also important as a family dog can destroy an entire coop. The coops can also be used for ducks as these eggs have high levels of protein. Take the time to look at the various types of chicken coops that there are available. Nothing beats eating a fresh egg for breakfast and being able to eat a quality chicken periodically. The one aspect to watch out for is that chicken coops can be outlawed by certain HOAs so check into this. 

Pool Area and Tennis/Basketball Court

A pool with privacy can truly turn your backyard into an oasis of relaxation comparable to that of an all-inclusive resort. A pool is perfect for warmer climates as it can be heated naturally during a majority of the year. A tennis or basketball court next to the pool can be a perfect place to get in an intense game then cool down in the pool. A resort-style backyard provides the convenience and privacy that most homeowners only wish they had. Maintenance of the pool will be a monthly cost whether it is a pool technician or you pay for the chemicals to balance them yourself. Solar panels could be used to heat the pool for the entire year if this is in your budget. 


The versatility of this area is that your home will be perfect for entertaining outside. Not having to worry about a mess inside of the home is a headache that all hosts wish they could eliminate. Be careful though if you do not like to have family come to visit, your home might become the destination for all family functions!


These additions and renovations can turn your country estate into one of a kind. Take time to consider various unique additions then start saving!

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