4 Considerations When Choosing Your Company’s Social Media Profile Photo


Here is your fun social media fact of the day: 91% of businesses in the United States use social media platforms for marketing their businesses. Unfortunately, only half of these businesses that have been implementing robust social media marketing tactics for at least two years see improved sales.

While there are many tactics you can employ to be among the best performing half, most businesses have forgotten simple elements that play a crucial role in their overall success. Your social media profile photo is one of those simple practices that might be denying you sales.

Why is Your Profile Photo Important?

Whether you are trying to connect with more fans or hoping to get more exposure, your profile photo plays a critical role in improving your online reputation and strengthening your brand.

And it isn’t in only one scenario — that’s when you have established your name as a brand. Take, for example, Neil Patel. He doesn’t need to do a lot of work on his profile photo, but his face is enough to drive leads.

If you haven’t built your name yet, then treat your social media profile photo as your face and, more importantly, as a landing page for your business.

It’s the first image Google will display when someone searches for your name. And as a “landing page,” you have to make that first encounter so hooking that your target audience gets interested immediately.

Stay with me as we look at four essential elements to have in mind when creating your social media profile photo.

1.Choose the Right Image

Okay, this is pretty basic. Using any image related to your business is fine. Right?

Usually, that is correct. But in most cases, it won’t bring many sales. This is important because 93% of buyers agree that visuals affect their purchase decisions.

So be wary of downloading a stock photo. You need the perfect image that represents your brand, so take the time to customize the right one for the face of your business.

The image should make it easy for people to recognize your business whenever they come across your page. This is known as brand recognition and a winning point against your competitors.

2. Decide Between a Logo or Your Photo

Should you choose a headshot image or a business logo? It is always a tough question as either choice can and can’t fit depending on different contexts.

However, it depends on your business goal. For instance, if you are running a small company, use a headshot. You are the face of the company at this time.

This also applies to people that have their name as a brand. Back to Neil Patel again. You’ll see his face on every social media page. Why? When people see his face, all they see is an SEO expert,

But if you don’t want to be associated with your business, then you’ll consider incorporating a logo. A good example is this facebook company profile photo, which pairs its logo with an abstract photo that ties in with the company name.

3. Know the Right Display Size

Different social platforms come with different display sizes for profile photos. Many businesses forget this simple fact and use the same photo size on all their social platforms. The result is a blurry or awkwardly positioned profile photo that looks unprofessional and may even tarnish their online reputation. 

The maximum profile photo size for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are 160 x 160, 110 x 110, and 200 x 200 respectively.

You also have to note that most people use their phones when browsing social media. See if you can reduce the file size and adjust the opacity to get a perfect fit.

4. Use a Simple Background

The focus is on your profile photo, whether it’s a headshot or a logo. Having a very sophisticated background with many features will quickly take the attention of your customer.

The best practice heating replacement and maintain you will find in Allied Experts in Manalapan, NJ. You can either make it flat or use a  contrasting but attractive color.

To make an excellent background, utilize free tools like Canva. Upload your image and customize the many templates available to create something you’ll be happy with.


Choosing the right profile photo for your company should not be difficult. But you should not throw its importance into the wind. 

Social media marketing is fast-changing and more brands are targeting attention-grabbing strategies. Using the perfect profile photo contributes a great deal to this strategy.

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