4 Foods and Drinks That Can Damage Your Teeth


People have been told that certain foods and drinks are bad for their teeth. Most people believe that only unhealthy foods and drinks cause these issues but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even healthy drinks that are carbonated can cause issues with teeth enamel if consumed in excess. Adding a healthy diet that avoids foods and drinks bad for your dental health will work wonders. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash might not be enough if you are constantly consuming things that hurt your oral health. The following are foods and drinks that can damage your teeth when consumed in excess. 


Alcohol is not healthy for a person when consumed in excess. Nobody is trying to make the argument that alcohol should be the main staple of your diet. Most people have gotten up in the morning after a long night with the feeling that their mouth is sandpaper. Dry mouths are not great for oral health as saliva helps keep foods from getting stuck on the teeth. Keep drinking water in mind if you are consuming alcohol to help mitigate your dry mouth. Mouthwash is going to be important as this can help rid your mouth of those food particles that are sticking around. 

Candy Obviously

Candy is an obvious culprit when it comes to children that have trouble with multiple cavities. Gummies of various kinds can stick to the teeth so opt for a bar of chocolate as it is actually better for the teeth. Sour gummies are the ultimate teeth decayer as they have acids regular gummies do not that stick to the teeth. Consult with your Fuquay family dentist if you feel like your children are consuming too much candy and if you need dental examination at affordable price. A dentist talking to them about this might change the way they eat. 

Sodas and Other Carbonated Drinks 

Soda is not healthy and is one of the first things eliminated from a person’s diet when they are trying to lose weight. Excessive soda drinking has been linked with cavities and could be as damaging as using certain narcotics. Sodas have acid in them which wears down tooth enamel and dry out your mouth which is a reason alcohol as mentioned above damages the teeth. 

Dried Fruits 

There are a lot of people that might be surprised that dry fruits can potentially be harmful to the teeth. These are healthy snacks overall but a dedication to brushing and flossing after consumption is essential. The issue is that a number of these dried fruits are stick and can end up between your teeth. The sugars can rot the teeth even though they are natural sugars. Dried fruit should always be followed by a thorough cleaning to avoid any issues. Regular fruits like apples have been said to be great for dental health. You still need to be aware of foods that get stuck between teeth as apples have a decent amount of sugar. 

Do the appropriate research to see which other drinks and foods can damage your teeth. You likely will not have to make huge changes to your diet as moderation is key with the foods and drinks above.

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