MAGFAST Review: The MAGFAST Revolution


People rely more and more on electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles, and most days, they also have to charge those devices. For most people, charging those devices entails a messy entanglement of cables and wall outlets. Fortunately, the MAGFAST Family of chargers is revolutionizing how we charge our devices by providing sleek new options that make charging easier and more efficient than ever before.

MAGFAST has come up with a solution that not only reduces the mess of tangled cords in our homes, offices, and vehicles, but it has also found a way to reduce the electronic waste that accumulates in public landfills by creating chargers that can charge multiple devices at once and last far longer than average conventional chargers. It is no news to anyone that the chargers that come with most electronic devices tend to have a far shorter lifespan than the device itself. This means that you typically have to purchase a second charger for your device, while the old one ends up in a landfill. MAGFAST chargers are universal, which means that they can charge all of your devices, even the ones whose chargers have lost their power. MAGFAST chargers also have longer life spans than conventional chargers, contributing to reduced waste, which protects our planet and its ecosystems.

MAGFAST is also committed to environmental protection and is a sponsor of Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization that conscientiously plants trees in environments where the local flora and fauna will benefit from their presence. Their partnership with MAGFAST ensures that the organization will plant a new tree for every MAGFAST product sold, and for every MAGFAST Pro Kit sold, the organization will plant seven trees. Over a quarter of a million trees have been planted thanks to customers who have pre-ordered MAGFAST chargers.

The MAGFAST Family consists of a unique line of chargers that connect to one another using the power of magnets, an innovative breakthrough that does away with the need to use so many cables and outlets. This also reduces landfill waste, as cables are often the first components to go.

These days, the average family uses as many as 13 or more electronic devices in their home. In many cases, this means that one member will have to wait to charge their phone while another charges a tablet. In many cases, conventional chargers also take hours to charge devices, making the charging process that much more inconvenient.

MAGFAST provides a solution to all of these problems with its new series of chargers that are designed to address the most common issues that customers wish could be improved when it comes to charging devices. These issues include: faster speed, compatibility with multiple devices, convenience and ease of use, the ability to charge anywhere you go, and universal design that eliminates the clunky clutter caused by most charging devices.

The MAGFAST Family includes multiple products, but the four basic chargers that are gaining widespread popularity are:


This is MAGFAST’s basic unit, and it is transforming the way consumers use chargers. The MAGFAST Wall is a rapid charger that plugs into a wall outlet and connects to other MAGFAST chargers magnetically without the need for cables or wires. The unit comes with entry ports on both the top and bottom, as well as two USB outlets underneath. Tips remain out of sight and tuck away neatly in the rear of the unit. The newest version of this unit is the MAGFAST Wall 2x, which offers double the charging power.


The MAGFAST Air is a powerful desktop charger that provides fast charging capacity for all portable devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, and readers. Taking advantage of Qi and magnetic technology, the MAGFAST Air provides rapid charging power and supports wireless connectivity. The MAGFAST Air is both portable and versatile, so you can use it anywhere to charge any device. Its power is maximized when combined with the MAGFAST Wall unit.


This portable charger plugs into your vehicle’s charging port so that you can charge multiple devices on the road thanks to its extra USB inputs. The MAGFAST Road is fast and potent and even has a powerful built-in flashlight.


The MAGFAST Extreme is the company’s top-of-the-line charger that provides unprecedented charging power for weeks before needing to be recharged. The unit comes with neatly camouflaged built-in-cables, as well as traditional USB-A and USB-C outlets, Power Delivery (PD), and three Qi-certified charging ports that support wireless connectivity. The MAGFAST Extreme also reduces the need for messy charging cables and cords, thanks to its unique capacity to connect magnetically to other units such as the MAGFAST Wall. This supercharger is so powerful that it can even provide enough charging power to jump-start your car.

More and more people are learning about MAGFAST products by reading MAGFAST reviews and watching video demonstrations of the products now available for pre-order, check over Here are some recent comments from people who’ve had a chance to see the chargers in action:

Greg writes, “It is refreshing to see a company start with the vision of providing a superior product not just with the customer in mind but [also] with the planet [in mind]. Far too much tech is built with a disposable mindset [and] built as cheaply as possible, and almost all of it ends up in landfills… MAGFAST has defined a niche for itself, and it deserves your consideration because it has created a family of products designed to last that can be used with ease (and beauty).”

Robert writes, “I am impressed by what the products have to offer and their simple ways of providing ease. I use six different products to satisfy my charging needs, and I’m impressed by the wireless charging ability…”

Rolando writes, “Love what you are doing and what your company stands for.”

Evan writes, “This product looks to be absolutely phenomenal! I cannot wait to add it to my home!”

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