5 Factors To Consider When Choosing An Assisted Living Facility


If you’ve found yourself in the position to scout out a good assisted living facility for yourself or someone you love, then it’s important to understand how to properly vet a spot.  

Choosing the wrong facility could mean the difference between a comfortable, happy life or a troublesome track.  Take a moment to read through some helpful suggestions, and do a little research before the research begins.  

Location location location

The location of your chosen assisted living facility makes all the difference.  When you’re getting on in years, you want to be around closer friends and family as often as possible.  Choosing a good location means that it’s easily accessible to all of your favorite people.  

However, there are a few reasons why you might need to choose a facility that isn’t so close to home.  You may find better care by expanding your search to surrounding locations.  

Consider the size of the place

Consider the size of each facility you choose to explore.  You (or your aging loved one) may prefer a more cozy setup.  You may also find that there are more services and options at a larger facility.  

Regardless, it’s wise to take the time to fully explore what you really need out of your chosen assisted living setup, and size definitely matters when considering the place you are going to spend the rest of your senior years.  

Check out what services are offered

The services offered at an assisted living facility could be the most important part of making your decision.  If you need stellar alzheimers’ services, you want a facility equipped with highly rated professionals that know how to handle the progression of the disease.  It’s also important to screen for nursing home abuse.

A quick search online will present you with a better idea of what services could be available in your chosen facility.  Take health and current condition into consideration while scouting for the best services possible.  

You may also find helpful advice that there are more services and options at a larger facility or 55+ plus community.

Ask about the cost of accommodations

You will need to understand the cost of living in a facility before you set your heart on any chosen place.  You won’t find the cost of services on the internet in most situations, so this question will take a little more work to answer.  

Don’t be afraid to get on the phone, and spend time researching what it will really cost you and your family to maintain residency in a top-notch assisted living facility.  

Take the time to ask about the food

The food you eat will always have a large impact on your quality of life, and you need an assisted living facility that is committed to providing the fresh, healthy foods you need to keep your body feeling well. 

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