How The Global Wellness Market Is Adapting To COVID-19


Recent reports focused on how spas, salons, and other beauty and wellness services have reacted to COVID-19 thus far provided invaluable information that will help determine whether the global wellness market recovers in the near-future. While spas and salons were some of the first things to be shut down as the coronavirus ravaged the global population, social distancing measures and improved hygiene standards have already made it possible to safely reopen as long as certain steps are taken beforehand to guarantee public health isn’t jeopardized.

Here’s a review of how the global wellness market is adapting to COVID-19, and why we can expect salons and spas to fare much better than many though they would at the beginning of the pandemic.

In some hotels, spas will remain closed

Certain facets of the wellness market are doing better than others. While dedicated salons and spas that focus on the rejuvenation of their consumers are finding it possible to reopen as long as they follow guidance issued by public health authorities, small-time operations that are a part of larger commercial entities may find it impossible to reopen anytime soon. Spas that are part of hotels, for instance, are finding themselves beset by unique difficulties as the economy begins to reopen. Many hotels don’t want to concern customers and are thus pulling the plug on their spa operations, yet dedicated salons and spa facilities that stand alone elsewhere are beginning to cautiously reopen.

According to guidance issued by the CDC, nail salons are still capable of being reopened as long as employers follow strict rules that ensure interpersonal contact is brought down to the bare minimum. By relying on digital technology to book appointments and by keeping customers far apart from one another, for instance, many nail salons will find it capable to reopen themselves in the next few weeks if they haven’t already. Generally speaking, a review of how the spa industry has adapted thus far shows that serious spas which took hygiene seriously before this crisis don’t have to implement too many changes other than social distancing efforts.

This is because excellent facilities like Dermani Medspa already regularly sanitized their operations and disinfected front desks, bathrooms, and common surface areas for the wellbeing of customers and employees long before COVID-19 became an issue. It’s thus easy to see that the global wellness industry will perform better than most as we begin to reopen, as professionals in this field are already familiar with keeping customers safe and prioritizing hygiene. 





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