Aligning Environmental Responsibility With Business Success


Growing concerns about our environment have many professionals and business owners making different choices about working conditions. While working conditions will be different for those who work in a lab than those who work in an office or remotely, it is still possible to align business goals with environmental responsibility. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that staying flexible, even while working in a lab or an office, is key to surviving financial ups and downs.


Sustainability in Laboratory Design and Furniture Selection Will Pay Off

Modular laboratory equipment and office furniture are efficient. A new project may take a huge amount of space and desktop real estate until you’ve got the product proofed and it’s ready to go from development to production. Once an item goes from testing to manufacturing, you can reconfigure the lab for the next product development.


Environmental Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Materials and Practices for Lab Furniture


The more flexible and durable your current lab working tools are, the longer you can keep them and not have to deal with the expense of disposal and replacement. The choice to buy modular components also reduces the cost of upgrades. If you need to replace just a few tops of your laboratory tables because you’re working with a new class of chemicals, you may be able to simply address the work surface and not replace the whole cabinet. More flexible components mean fewer pieces in the landfill.


How New Laboratory Equipment Can Positively Impact the Reputation of Your Business

When it’s time to recruit new employees, your modular lab will catch the eye of up-and-coming scientists. The students of today grew up with a focus on reducing waste and environmental sustainability. By catching the attention of the best and brightest of today’s students, your business opportunities will easily expand.


Your modular and sustainable lab choices will also make your business more nimble. If you need to upgrade safety equipment such as air handlers, your lab can quickly be cleared, rearranged, updated, and back in business. Laboratory components that might have been damaged in a tear-down and reassemble project can quickly be adjusted for any necessary changes and put back in place almost effortlessly.


Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Hiring new employees is not easy for any industry and the market in the sciences is tight. By demonstrating your commitment to environmental protection with business practices and purchases that prove your organization to be focused on social and environmental responsibility, you can increase loyalty among your employees.


Loyal employees are a boon to any community. Your leaders and employees have the chance to boost the visibility of your company even more by participating in projects that benefit your local environment. During such events, your commitment to sustainability can stand out even more.


Ingenuity and flexibility go hand in hand. If your lab equipment is in need of replacement, look for ways to improve the working conditions of your professionals with modular equipment. Your team can offer you terrific input on new ways to configure your lab setup to improve your testing process.


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