Dermani Medspa Plans To Navigate Reopening After Lockdown


COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, taking human lives with it all the while, but large sectors of certain economies have nevertheless reopened with the help of certain public health guidelines. While some public health experts continue to urge caution and the maintenance of quarantine measures in certain hotspots, many regions feel comfortable enough to allow businesses like salons, barbershops, restaurants, and others to reopen.

Here’s a review of how small businesses across the country are navigating reopening regulations, and how the forthcoming days will challenge entrepreneurs like never before.

Certain businesses are more concerned than others

Some entrepreneurs will find themselves far more capable of reopening their businesses than others. Companies which don’t depend upon interpersonal interactions, for instance, may not have been forced to slow down their commercial operations whatsoever. Those businesses which depend upon in-person walk-ins, however, were effectively temporarily doomed by the quarantine measures imposed for public health purposes. Now, some of those companies, including barbershops and salons, are reopening with the help of strict public health guidelines.

Patients who visit some salons or barber shops may be required to fill out pages of information elucidating whether they’ve been in contact with sick individuals. Some will be asked if they’ve been experiencing possible symptoms of the coronavirus. According to one report from Fox Business, many salons are taking temperatures before letting customers into the store. Mask requirements and other santitations measures remain fairly commonplace in those areas which respect medical science, too, though some more callous entrepreneurs have actually dangerously banned customers from wearing masks in their stores.

Some business owners are skirting public health guidelines

According to a report from the Washington Post, some entrepreneurs have even tried going to court to keep out customers who are doing the right thing by following public health guidelines and wearing masks. Not all business owners are this foolish, however, as only a very small minority of commercial operations appear to be shunning health guidelines. Many entrepreneurs are making the right call and are reopening their business by following public health guidelines, proving that health doesn’t have to come at the expense of business.

Wise brands like Dermani Medspa and other companies which deal with interpersonal interactions can safely navigate the reopening of their businesses by following public health measures. The CDC has provided official guidelines for reopening your business which is worthy of review by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs should be preparing themselves for the possibility that some capacity problems might linger for weeks; restaurants may want to limit themselves to outdoor seating, for instance, whereas any company with in-person commercial dealings will want to maintain social distancing measures.








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