Empowering Youth Engagement: Haley Lickstein’s Visionary Campaign Showcases Female Political Leaders in Women’s History Month


Article written by Mary Reckfort.

Haley Lickstein, a trailblazer in civic activism, is pioneering a vibrant campaign to captivate and inspire the youth electorate, particularly Gen Z and millennials, who are anticipated to be the most influential voter segments in the 2024 elections. This Women’s History Month, Lickstein embarks on a mission to spotlight dynamic, pro-choice female leaders from various regions, aiming to avert a downturn in youth electoral participation by weaving connections between young voters and the compelling narratives of women stepping into the political arena.

The campaign is meticulously designed to feature a series of in-depth interviews with 30 trailblazing women candidates throughout March, offering insights into a spectrum of political pursuits from the aspirations for the U.S. Congress to ambitions for local council roles. With luminaries like Joanna Weiss for the U.S. Congress seat in California, Rachel Hunt as a contender for North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor, and Julie Johnson in the race for the U.S. Congress from Texas among the 22 confirmed participants, the initiative is set to unveil the rich tapestry of women advancing in the political sphere.

Lickstein, aged 27, brings a wealth of political experience to the table, including internships with the U.S. Senate, roles at EMILY’s list, and engagement in numerous campaigns. Leveraging her significant social media reach, she is determined to close the engagement gap between the youth and the political process. “Highlighting the personal and professional journeys of women candidates in our communities can significantly impact voter turnout. My aim is for individuals to find hope and a sense of connection with their prospective representatives,” Lickstein elucidates, showcasing her passion for making politics more accessible and resonant with the younger demographic.

Her campaign transcends the mere promotion of candidates; it’s an all-encompassing crusade to provoke young citizens into taking a proactive role in democracy, starting from the grassroots. By championing women who stand for progressive change, Lickstein is eager to ignite a movement that will not only increase voter engagement and participation in the 2024 elections but also set a precedent for future electoral cycles.

The initiative also serves as a catalyst for young voters to deepen their understanding of the candidates and issues that reflect their principles and hopes for societal advancement. With a focus on innovators and individuals marking “firsts” in their respective fields, Lickstein’s initiative creates a platform for these candidates to recount their stories and forge personal connections with the electorate.

For those intrigued by this campaign and eager to discover more about the showcased candidates, Lickstein’s social media channels are the primary outlets for ongoing updates and insights. Audiences can anticipate a month filled with empowering stories, pivotal discussions, and a reinvigorated emphasis on the critical importance of young people’s involvement in politics.

Through her initiative, Haley Lickstein is significantly altering the narrative of political engagement among young voters, underscoring the role of personal narratives and community participation in molding the democratic landscape of tomorrow.

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