From Frustration to Fame: Orlana Darkins Drewery Reveals How The Shyne Network Empowers Nonprofits to Overcome Recognition Challenges


There exists a unique dilemma with nonprofit organizations and churches – the struggle to balance impactful work with the reluctance to self-promote. Orlana Darkins Drewery, the founder of The Shyne Network, recognized this challenge and decided to take matters into her own hands. With her agency, she has been helping young adults, nonprofit organizations, and churches amplify their work and message, bridging the gap between their impactful efforts and the recognition they deserve.

Orlana Darkins Drewery, a name that is becoming synonymous with empowering nonprofits and churches, has a clear mission. Her agency, The Shyne Network, serves those struggling with the paradox of doing great work but hesitating to promote it. Orlana delved into the frustrations and fears that often hold nonprofits and churches back and how The Shyne Network provides a solution.

Understanding the Frustration

Orlana Darkins Drewery kicks off the conversation by highlighting the core issue faced by nonprofits and churches. They are often engaged in life-changing work, impacting their communities positively, but they hesitate to share their achievements. This reluctance stems from the fear of being perceived as bragging. According to Orlana, nonprofit founders and church leaders worry that by promoting their work, they might come off as self-centered, despite the incredible work they do.

This reluctance to self-promote becomes a double-edged sword. On one hand, they risk not being recognized for their efforts, and on the other hand, the lack of visibility can lead to misconceptions that they are not actively making a difference. Orlana recognizes this predicament and steps in to help organizations convey their message effectively without sounding boastful.

The Shyne Awards Foundation: Changing the Narrative

Orlana Darkins Drewery and The Shyne Network aren’t just content with addressing the recognition challenges faced by nonprofits and churches; they are also committed to changing the narrative surrounding young people. The Shyne Awards Foundation, a part of The Shyne Network, has initiated a prestigious award ceremony that celebrates the positive accomplishments of young individuals between the ages of 13 and 30 from anywhere in the world. The aim is to counteract the prevailing negative stereotypes and give these young changemakers the recognition they deserve.

Without recognition, these organizations and their members may start to question the value of their efforts, which can lead to burnout and a loss of motivation.

The Shyne Network’s Solution

The Shyne Network doesn’t just identify the problem; it offers a comprehensive solution. Orlana explains that her agency provides media exposure and content creation services. They assist organizations in crafting compelling stories, writing press releases, and pitching their achievements to the media. Moreover, they offer media training to ensure that these stories are communicated effectively.

Content creation is another critical component of their services. The Shyne Network manages social media accounts, develops angles to support their clients’ stories, and empowers organizations to feel comfortable sharing their successes. Orlana acknowledges that some organizations still struggle with self-promotion, but The Shyne Network takes on that role on their behalf, allowing them to shine without hesitation.

The Secret Sauce: Orlana’s Personal Experience

What sets The Shyne Network apart? According to Orlana, it’s her deep understanding of what it’s like to be in the shoes of nonprofit founders and church leaders. Her personal experiences growing up in a low-income community and facing judgments based on her ZIP code have fueled her passion for making sure that these organizations receive the recognition they deserve.

Orlana’s secret sauce is her ability to empathize with the challenges her clients face. She has worked in both the nonprofit and church sectors, and she knows the pain of being overlooked despite doing incredible work. This personal connection allows her to tailor her services to each organization’s unique needs and to make them feel truly understood.

Clients who work with The Shyne Network experience significant benefits. They undergo a mindset shift, gaining confidence in sharing their successes. They walk away with clear messaging about their organization and a deeper understanding of their brand. Orlana and her team help them identify their target audience, allowing them to attract not only those in need of their services but also potential contributors and sponsors who can help support their mission.

One of the biggest fears that nonprofit founders and church leaders face is the fear of being seen. They often operate comfortably in the shadows, but they know that this approach isn’t sustainable. Orlana addresses this fear head-on by encouraging them to “stop hiding” and embrace the fact that they are needed everywhere.

For those who choose not to work with The Shyne Network, Orlana suggests that they miss out on the opportunity to effectively convey their message, understand their audience, and attract the support they need to make a more significant impact. They miss out on the chance to have a powerful advocate who understands their journey and can help them shine.

Orlana Darkins Drewery and The Shyne Network are on a mission to empower nonprofits and churches to overcome recognition challenges. They provide a holistic solution that encompasses media exposure, content creation, and a deep understanding of each organization’s unique culture and voice. Through their work, they help organizations shed their fear of self-promotion and embrace the recognition they rightfully deserve. With The Shyne Network, frustration transforms into fame, and the impact multiplies, creating a brighter future for those who dare to shine.

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