Holistic Nurses [All You Need To Know]


Nurses play a significant role in improving the health and lives of people. They also contribute significantly to the health of their community, especially those that have gone through transformative nurse coaching under The Nurse Coach Collective. How so? Holistic nursing!

It is a comprehensive approach to patient care focusing on healing the “whole person.” Under this program, nurses must focus on the body, mind, spirit, socioeconomic background, environment, and culture when delivering care. Here, it’s not just about the patient’s illness; it’s about their overall well-being; it’s about making them feel whole in all facets of their lives. 

Sounds like something you would want to upgrade into? That’s in order! Holistic nurses provide individualized care by formulating a relationship with every individual patient. This care plan is based on the principle that a patient’s biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects are interconnected. It is the connectivity of all these aspects that form a unique person. 

What Are The Responsibilities Of Holistic Nurses?

A holistic nurse performs most of the essential duties other nurses perform. More than that, though, they focus entirely on patients to ensure they are fully whole, comfortable, and relaxed as part of the healing process. They are keen to learn the patient’s name, show empathy and compassion, maintain eye contact, and use relaxation techniques to control pain over the administration of drugs. They also go over and beyond to make sure the patient is recovering in all facets of their lives. 

A holistic nurse should:

• Identify each patient as an individual with individual needs

• Acknowledge a patient as a “whole” person

• Interact with patients  respectfully and mindfully

• Identify contributing stressors that impact the individual’s health. 

How Should a Holistic Nurse Treat Patients?

A holistic nurse should use alternative methods over medicine to treat their patients. The nurses, also known as complementary health nurses, sometimes combine holistic healing methods with traditional medicine. 

Common types of holistic treatment include:

• Acupuncture

• Eastern medicine

• Aromatherapy

• Hypnosis

• Hydrotherapy and balneotherapy

• Wellness coaching and massage

What Do Holistic Nurses Improve Patient Care?

Holistic nurses significantly improve patient care by delving into how patients can reduce their chances of falling sick or getting injured. They also increase the probability of positive treatment outcomes after treatment. 

The individualized, whole-person treatment allows patients to heal by making the right lifestyle choices and applying their cultures and beliefs in the treatment process. Holistic nurses are fully aware of each patient’s strengths and struggles, which can be used to help patients adapt, cope, and recover. 

Combining holistic and contemporary nursing expands nurses’ ability to offer superior treatment for each patient. Nurses should have complete knowledge physical, mental and emotional influences of an illness on a person to help successfully. Holistic nursing achieves this successfully through enhancing personalized care. 

What Are The Benefits Of Holistic Nursing?

There are many benefits associated with holistic nursing, including the following:

1. Greater Fulfillment

Many nurses get into nursing to help individuals, and holistic nursing compels you to focus on each patient as an individual. Holistic care significantly improves care, making your work as a nurse more fulfilling.

2. Better Care

Holistic nurses consider different factors contributing to an ailment when providing care. They are aware of a patient’s interconnectedness of environmental, emotional, and physical factors. They care for a patient’s physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual needs.

3. Better Self-care

Good nurses care about their personal needs and emotions to give others effective care. Holistic nurses emphasize the importance of nurses’ self-responsibility, reflection, spirituality, and self-care. Self-care keeps holistic nurses healthy and fit for their job.

4. Sustainable practice

Holistic nursing keeps nurses emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy, minimizing their chances of burnout. This benefits them as a whole and makes them more reliable. 

5. Future Focused

Holistic nursing has become a holistic part of the healthcare system today. Nurses trained under these programs are better prepared for the massive changes experienced today in healthcare. 

Parting Shot

Have you realized that patients are sicker than ever and nurses are burning out? The best solution to these challenges is joining the holistic nursing movement. As a holistic nurse, you will not only help people heal faster and adopt a healthier lifestyle, but you will lead a better life as well. 

Becoming a Holistic Nurse: The Nurse Coach Collective Can Pave The Way For Greatness

At The Nurse Coach Collective, we uphold and emphasize holistic nursing for better patient care. We are dedicated to not just elevating the well-being of our patients but also of all nurses.

Our Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program helps Registered Nurses all across the country to get away from just managing symptoms management to becoming Nurse Coaches.

In as short as 7 months you can liberate and transform the nursing practice. Please fill out our contact form for more information.

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