Boost your Health with a Dream Holiday in South East Asia


We are all more than happy to see the end of 2020 and if you are feeling the stress of continued lockdowns and social distancing, now is the time to plan a 2021 summer holiday like no other. It is very much looking like the pandemic is over and with a Covid vaccination roll-out underway, it won’t be long before we can once again enjoy unrestricted travel.

South East Asia

The least affected by the Coronavirus, countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore make for the perfect destination for your summer 2021 holiday; Check out the luxury vessels that will show you Singapore from the best angle, at, a leading yacht charter company that operates throughout South East Asia. Using Singapore as a base, you can explore the tropical waters and visit small islands and interacting with the local people. The Andaman Sea is the jewel of South East Asia and is a great place to charter a yacht and set out to enjoy the stunning reefs and islands, including Phi Phi, a truly magical location where huge limestone cliffs protrude from the blue waters.

Group Travel

If you have a large circle of friends, why not invite a few couples to join you and your partner on a luxury yacht charter, complete with a full crew and ready to take you to magical destinations, weather permitting. When a group charters a yacht, japan porn the cost is spread, making it more affordable and with everything included in the cost, you won’t need much spending money. Check out the detailed maps of this region and you can begin to plan your route, taking in all the best spots that the Andaman Sea has to offer. Here are a few good reasons why hiking is good for your health, which we all should do now and then.

Getting Essential Vitamin D

If you work in a stuffy office, you really do need to get some sun and a floating holiday in South of Thailand is perfect; while we don’t want to get sunburnt, we do need exposure to the sun, as our bodies turn sunlight into essential Vitamin D. Check maskulinum.

Online Solutions

The great thing about the Internet is you can arrange every detail of your holiday and once you have located a yacht charter website, take a look at the different yachts and catamarans they have of offer, plus they would have suggested routes and are always happy to help the client design the perfect holiday. You choose the menus and beverages stored on the boat and don’t forget to bring your MP3 playlists and a few good books to read.

Checking for Travel Restrictions

As the number of Covid infections continues to fall and the vaccine rollout is implemented, we should be able to plan travelling once more. You should check with the World Health Organisation regarding the Covid-19 status of your destination country, plus you should visit that country’s embassy website for tourist information. Visit

Your health is critical to your overall well-being and a holiday somewhere tropical is the best way to ensure that your good health remains.

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