Land prices in the Netherlands


What about land prices in the Netherlands? You can read it all here in this article. We all know that house prices are rising. But under those stones is building land. What does land cost per m2 and what does a hectare of land cost? Build a house, a cornfield or a huge garden with a swimming pool; without space you get nowhere. That is why we look at land prices in the Netherlands on this page. Are these rising as fast as house prices? Also, visit dhafileshub for more information.

Will land prices in the Netherlands become more expensive?

There is yellow sand, black sand and white sand. The most important thing about land prices in the Netherlands is where it is located. It is known that land per m2 in the city has become almost unaffordable to buy, so that estate agents and residents are seeking refuge outside the city limits. But then there is the zoning plan. It states which land may be used for what purpose. You cannot just build a luxury villa on land intended for the agricultural sector. To determine the cost of a hectare of land, we must therefore first look at the intended use.

What do you pay for agricultural land?

Let’s start with the agricultural sector. Land prices per hectare rose by more than 5 percent for each quarter in 2021. In the past four quarters, almost 32,000 hectares of agricultural land have changed hands. That is considerably more than in the previous year. A distinction can be made between four parts of the country; South, West, East and North. A further subdivision can be made into 14 groups of agricultural areas. You pay the highest average land price in the South, where the price was 14 percent higher last year. In the North, the average land price was 11 percent lower. Grassland has risen sharply in price and has more than exceeded the limit of 60,000 euros per hectare. This increase is remarkable but not unique. When the milk quota was abolished, the price for grassland also increased. Land for corn has risen even more in land prices.

What does arable land cost?

We are still on ‘the land’. If we look at the Kadaster land prices for building land, we see an amount of 75,000 euros per hectare. This price has fallen in the recent period. However, the average price remained above 70,000 euros, which is remarkable. The price has been higher, but always as peaks above 80,000 euros with outliers above 90,000 euros per hectare. But an average price of 70,000 euros over a six-month period was unprecedented. In 2021, the price for building land has become more stable. This information is based on Land Registry land prices. It would be handy if the prices for land in the city could also be found here, but unfortunately this information is not available. There are, however, other figures that give an indication.

What does building land cost?

There is of course a limited number of square meters available. As a homeowner, you may not be interested in land prices for agriculture, but this can affect the cost of a building plot. Municipalities also look at the income and the way in which land can be used depends on several factors, including supply and demand. It will come as no surprise that land prices vary widely by municipality. If you look at the costs for land per m2 according to the prices on funda , you will see amounts of 200 euros in the cheapest regions. This is seen from the West at the ends of the Netherlands. Land prices in the West are by far the highest at 800 euros per m2 and sometimes much more. The previous prices are based on figures from funda, research among municipalities shows similar prices for plots. If we look at the Dutch provinces, we arrive at:

  • Average prices of 200 euros per m2 for the provinces of Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Limburg, Zeeland and Flevoland.
  • Average prices between 300 and 400 euros for the provinces of Overijssel, Gelderland and North Brabant.
  • Average prices of 500 euros and higher for the provinces of North Holland, South Holland and Utrecht.

An important point about the above prices for building land is that the information dates from 2013 and 2016. It concerns independent research that is not based on Land Registry land prices. The amounts correspond reasonably well with the prices on funda. The distribution across the Netherlands has not changed much in the last few years. What does land in the city cost? That strongly depends on the city, the location in the municipality and what the buyer is willing to pay.

What does land in the city cost?

It is quite difficult to find information about the cost of land in the city. There are organizations that have conducted research into this, but CBS does not have this information or does not share it with others. As far as provinces are concerned, North Holland is the most expensive, closely followed by Utrecht and South Holland in third position. There, the costs per m2 are on average around 450 euros. If you leave for Limburg or Friesland, you can already buy a nice piece of building land for less than 200 euros per m2. Graduated prices are used where you are cheaper as you buy more building land. With roughly 2 hectares or more, it is actually always about land for agricultural use. These figures are also based on rates during or just after the housing crisis. We are now in a period of high house prices and the demand for new homes is high. There is therefore a chance that new homes will be built on increasingly expensive land.

Other costs for new construction

What does land in the city cost? There is hardly any land available in the center, there will already be buildings. So you have to count that too. High-rise has the advantage that you can accommodate more people on one square meter. Of course there are also other costs. In 2020, part of the housing construction came to a standstill due to the Corona pandemic. By the end of 2021, this issue still has not been rectified. Along with those who withdraw due to illness, there are also foreign personnel who are prohibited from travelling by national laws. Perhaps the Tiny House trend will continue to save costs?

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