Ombori Virtual Queues

Ombori Grid: Virtual Queues Made Easier


Virtual queues can make it easier than ever to help control how many people are in a store at one time. These kinds of queues can also reduce the risk to people during the pandemic, and anytime there are health or safety concerns within a community. With Ombori Grid, your company can have the right solutions to count people and address queuing to ensure as much protection and social distancing as possible. Even when the distance is not needed, understanding customer numbers is still very important.

Why Are Queues Needed?

There are occupancy limits for buildings and stores, even in the best of times. Most retail stores are designed with the risk of running out of allowable space or customer numbers being as minimal as possible. But there are still times when you may want or need to control and track occupancy in your store. With Ombori Grid, you can do that efficiently, and all in one place. Among the best ways to do that during the pandemic is to have virtual queues for physical stores, so people don’t have to line up in person.

Ombori Grid To The Rescue

With a virtual queue, people are notified when they can line up or come inside, or when it’s their turn to participate in something or come to an appointment. They can be elsewhere until that time, such as at home if they’ll be notified far enough in advance, or in their vehicle if the wait time is much shorter. That reduces the number of people in the store at one time and also helps reduce the number of people gathering near the entrance. Ombori Grid makes tracking and queuing faster and more efficient.

Helping your customers during a difficult and stressful time has never been easier than it is with Ombori Grid. You can reduce crowds, let your customers know when it’s their turn to come in, and also make sure you’re giving them options that are more convenient and safe, like curbside pickup and other socially distanced opportunities. You also help your employees when you use these kinds of solutions, because employees aren’t as stressed and frustrated, trying to manage large numbers of customers.

Help for Staff

Every team member will be able to see what’s taking place in the store, and the optimum capacity can be set in order to reduce crowding and possible disease transmission. Not only will your employees feel safer, but they’ll also be able to move around more easily. That means they can help customers who need it and ensure that they have access to products and services that are important or necessary.

With all the options Ombori Grid offers, your business will be able to count and queue people efficiently in ways that work for everyone. Quick deployment and an analytics dashboard make that easier and provide user-friendly options that can be used by all your team members to keep the flow of customers moving smoothly.

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