Relationship Issues: What is Normal and What is Toxic


All relationships are different as the dynamic between two people can even change over time. There are so many toxic relationships that seem to be highlighted on social media. Today’s relationships do not have the privacy that they did in the past due to technology. Cutting ties with an ex can be difficult when you see them post on social media daily. Understanding what is normal in a relationship and what is toxic is important. Identifying toxic relationships can be difficult when you are in them as your partner could be manipulating you into thinking you are in the best relationship there is. The following are features of toxic relationships and what are just normal growing pains in a relationship. 

Going Out With Friends 

A number of people might have issues with a certain friend of their partner. This could be due to them not approving of the relationship or not respecting it at all. Hesitance to give loving approval to hang out with this person is natural. Toxic relationships are all about isolation from friends and family so outsiders cannot comment on the relationship. All couples need time with their friends alone as these are other relationships that require work. Take time to schedule outings together and solo with friends as this can be far healthier than spending every waking moment together. 


Infidelity rears its ugly head in the digital age in a far different way than in the past. The ease of setting up a fake dating app account as a married individual is too much temptation for many to resist. Rampant infidelity is a sign of disrespect to the relationship and many times this cannot be salvaged. Carrying on entire other relationships while married has happened to people that thought they were happily married. Alienation of affection can be claimed in divorce court so getting proof of this is important. 

Communication Issues

A sign of a toxic relationship could be that every issue turns into a giant fight. Lack of communication of issues that might seem small can boil over into a much larger fight. Fear of confronting issues due to a person with a bad temper can be the reasoning. Sitting down daily to go over what might not have gone right in your day and in the relationship can work wonders. Solving small issues daily can make it possible to solve a larger issue without any problem in the future. 


Communication between a couple should never be abusive. Name-calling or putting someone down due to their view on something is a perfect example. Abusers try to rob their partners of their confidence which makes them easier to walk all over. Look into what constitutes abusive languages and you could find out your relationship isn’t as healthy as you thought it was.


Relationship problems are normal as two people will encounter growing pains in their relationship. Relationships take work over the course of time which is important to note. Avoid toxic relationships as they rarely get better without effort.

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