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Had a Hysterectomy? Sex Coach Kim Anami Thinks Your Days of Great Sex Are Far From Over


Roughly 600,000 women undergo hysterectomies in America each year. However, sexpert Kim Anami says the removal of a woman’s uterus and surrounding reproductive organs doesn’t have to lead to weaker, less satisfying sex. 

Orgasms are “definitely still possible,” Anami says. “And so if she does that deeper energetic healing work, then yes, those things are possible for sure.”

While for many women it’s medically necessary for treating fibroids, endometriosis, and certain gynecological cancers, among other concerns, for others, hysterectomies aren’t always medically necessary. A 2014 report from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology that pulled data from 52 hospitals nationwide found that no alternatives to hysterectomy were provided to patients diagnosed with uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or pelvic pain. To that end, Anami encourages women to fully consider all options before undergoing a hysterectomy. 

In her sexual education salons, Anami offers online coursework in building better orgasms and insight into sexual healing, which she says is a recipe for everyone to experience better sex. She says teaching others how to reconnect with their sexual energy is a large part of her work and that after a hysterectomy, there must be time allotted for physical, mental, and emotional healing. She offers question and answer sessions and homework that involves physical challenges. 

“That’s the underlying healing work. And then that is the pathway into feeling into the energies that these organs still have, whereas they’re still accessible to us like a phantom limb, but it requires that level of healing and exploration,” Anami explained. 

And a few helpful tools.

The Sex Tools and Tips That Can Help Get the ‘Big O’

It’s often been said that the biggest sex organ is the brain. Anami believes you have to do the soul-searching inner work to get to ecstasy. “Having these orgasms requires an open heart and they further open your heart and emotional self,” she said in a video. Beyond physical sensations, Anami says there’s emotional cleansing and release.

But achieving carnal rapture isn’t all in your head. Anami says using dildos can be another helpful way for women to “open up.” She has a full line of Murano glass dildos that are part of her La Petite Mort collection. A set of three dubbed the Holy Trinity is available for $897 or sold separately for $299 each. Anami shares that her glass dildos are designed to help women achieve more powerful orgasms. Much like the salons she teaches, Kim Anami says she put intense time and care into crafting the line. 

“Once you’re aroused and lubricated, use the dildo to gently massage deep inside the vagina,” Anami advised. “As you do this, take long, steady, deep breaths and focus on relaxing. Feel and visualize your vagina opening up like the petals of a flower with each movement of the dildo.”

The jade yoni egg is another recommendation in Kim Anami’s treasure trove of tips to reach more sizzling orgasms. She never wants her clients to be lost without instruction on how to master the perfect orgasm. Life may not come with instructions, but Kim Anami’s jade yoni eggs do. 

“The vagina is where all the good stuff is, yet most women have numb vaginas because they’ve been neglected,” Anami said in a video on her website. “The jade egg will restore your sensitivity, strength, and lubrication, making cervical orgasms easier to get to.”

Rebuilding The Road to Bed-Shaking Sex

In her The Well-F–ked Woman salon, Kim Anami dishes the details on more explosive climaxes. Registration for the next eight-week, online The Well-F–ked Woman salon opens June 28. The course, which takes place in July, teaches tips on self-pleasure, how to unlock total orgasmic potential, unleashing one’s inner seductress, and other sex improvement suggestions, like her favorite: exposing her nether regions to the sunshine.

“In the Taoist philosophy, the perineum is considered to be an energetic gateway between life and death and exposing it to the sun is thought to be a way to mainline this beautiful high-level regenerative life-giving energy and take it into the system,” Anami says. 

Meditation and self-pleasure are also on the curriculum. 

“I was taught that 20 minutes a day is enough,” Anami said regarding daily meditation. “Then ideally, do something before bedtime to really clear and purify your state of consciousness to take you into the dream state in a more positive frame of mind. But there are different kinds of ways to meditate. I’ve primarily used the mantra way.”

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