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It’s always interesting to read a story about either a team or a player. The juicier the story, more attention it will attract. But the essential element of news is to be true. Yes, speculations draw attention, but many people won’t pay much heed to something that might or might not be true.

Writing news based on rumors is irresponsible, and sadly it is the standard thing in the present news industry. People will report on anything, as long as it might attract the attention of large masses of people. Whether it is true or not is secondary in the opinion of many famous journalists.

The correct way to write news articlesBut journalism shouldn’t be like this. Every article should share a story that has evidence to back it up. People should believe that kind of news because they can check the validity of a post and see that it is true. Anything that isn’t based on clear evidence shouldn’t be found in an article that focuses on delivering the news. Those reports can go on parody sites and social networks, where the validity of news isn’t paramount.

The correct way to write news articles

Sports news tells us what happens with individual teams and players and they are valuable for their fans. Sports commentators also rely on that, so it has to be true. Speculations are better left to betting joints.

Now, you found a reliable source of sports news when you entered on this site. Baltimore News Journal has been and still is one of the best news sources regarding the hill 80 sport. It featured many prominent sports journalists that wrote some excellent articles about sport and players. Some of the posts were about various competitions, while others touched on the private lives of sports stars.

Some great news this site delivered before everyone else

We first brought the story in which Joe Flacco became the most paid man in the history of NFL. It was a big deal as 120.6 million contracts weren’t something that happened for a long time after that.

We, of course, covered the whole deal from its birth to the fruition. We were one of a few portals that followed the negotiations that told the people what is happening behind the doors.

The preparations for Super Bowl were also featured on this site. We followed Ravens as they added Juan Castillo to their roster to increase their chances in the game.

Our people also reported Bernard Pollard’s aggression against Wes Walker and the fine (15000) he had to pay for that.

We also reported on other things that weren’t as connected to sport as you might love. We reported on Baltimore County Deacon being charged with owning child pornography stuff. That was important for people as they could see what happens in upper echelons of society.

We also touched on alarmingly bad weather that hit parts of Maryland. It was important to share the news so people could prepare for troubles on the road.

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