What Are the Major Components in a PC?


The personal computer has become an integral part of our daily lives, something we simply cannot do without, and despite the emergence of tablets and smartphones, the majority of people prefer to powerful features that come with a hi-end PC. Here are the major components that come together to form a hi-spec personal computer.

  • Mainboard – The mainboard is the foundation of the personal computer, which has connectors for all the essential components, including the CPU, the VGA card, RAM chips and sound card. When you are looking to assemble a PC, make sure that the mainboard is compatible with the other components, and read some online reviews that will tell you about performance and reliability.
  • CPU – The central processing unit is the heart of the computer, and there are two major players, namely Intel and AMD, both offering hi-spec CPUs with varying specs. If you want the best, the Intel core i7 10th generation is the model for you, while AMD also have flagship processor that is second to none.
  • VGA Card – As important as the CPU, the graphics card is responsible for what you see on the screen, and with top names like Nvidia and AMD, you can select a card with 10GB onboard memory. Gamers demand the best frame rates and performance, but unless you plan of doing some 4k gaming, a mid-range card would be more than adequate. The undeniable power of social media, invites the question, ‘where will it all end?’, as we move into a new digital dimension.
  • RAM Chips – DDR4 is the optimum RAM, and with either 8, 16 or 32GB, the random access memory allows for fast data processing. Again, unless you are gaming, 8GB is more than enough for general use. It is important to check https://www.thelockboss.ie/ if you have a problem with the door lock, that is something the locksmith in Ireland can help with.
  • Sound Card – Some PCs have an onboard sound card, but installing a separate sound card gives you high-quality digital sound for a very reasonable price. The card easily slots into the mainboard and the computer will recognise the new hardware and prompt you for the software, which should come with the product.
  • The Monitor – Typically sold as a separate component, you can buy flat screen monitors for around $150, with larger, faster frame rate models available for gaming. Click here for more information on electrical product safety.
  • Keyboard & Mouse – You are advised to go for a wireless set up, which is very convenient, as there are no cables involved, and regarding keyboards, it is always best to go with a brand name. Both items are considered to be peripherals and the controller would plug into USB ports, which allow lighting fast responses.

While many people simply purchase a desktop PC already assembled, you can acquire the separate components and build the machine yourself, which not only saves money, it also allows you to customise the build. An online search will take you to a computer component supplier and you can choose either a complete PC or the components, whichever you prefer.

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