What Are the Out of Home Advertising Options?


Businesses all around the world clamor for high foot traffic spots, spaces, and areas for their outdoor advertising. That is because out-of-home (OOH) advertising is still very effective today, even with society transitioning into a digital era, but what exactly is it?

Advertisements that consumers are exposed to when they are offline and outside of their home refers to OOH or outdoor advertising. This method of advertising proves itself to be effective due to many reasons such as:

  • It is high impact
  • It demands attention
  • It has a high reach with a mass audience
  • Builds immediate brand awareness
  • Accepted by consumers

There are many out of home advertising options available for brands to utilize in order to get their message across. Some of the most popular methods are:

Billboard Advertising

Simply put, billboards are enormous posters that are displayed in popular locations. These massive posters can be placed along roadsides, where they are most commonly found. They can also be placed on the sides of large buildings or can be found as standalone structures in more urban areas. You can also have digital, static and even interactive billboards. There are three main sizes that are associated with billboards known as:

  • Spectacular – of all the billboards, the spectacular is of the greatest size. These signs are rare but can typically be found in high traffic, buzzy areas like the Las Vegas Strip or Times Square. Spectacular billboards are generally twenty feet high and sixty feet wide.
  • Bulletin – although the spectacular billboards might be the largest, the bulletin is the most popular. These signs are what people are most commonly familiar with when thinking abut billboards. Bulletin signs are generally fourteen feet high to forty-eight feet wide.
  • Posters – also known as a 30 sheet, posters a billboards that tend to be a little smaller than a bulletin. These popular signs are most commonly found in urban areas where bulletin sized billboards do not fit. The standard size for posters are generally twelve feet high and twenty four feet wide.  

Street Furniture

Street furniture in Emerson includes everything from metro stations and trains with air conditioner, bus stations, city information kiosks, telephone booths, benches and lamps to taxicab displays, find more details on galarson.com/

Transit Advertising

Transit advertisements include vehicular stickers and wraps and can also refer to advertisements that are located inside trains, monorails, busses, taxis, and any other form of public transportation.  Check out https://www.xn--smln-coab.com/ for getting a loan for advertisements.


Similar to a billboard in appearance, a wallscape is signage that is either attached or painted to the side of an important building in an urban area. Not only is this an effective way to promote a brand, but wallscapes are not limited to the shape and size of a billboard offering businesses a creative approach to get their message out to the public.

Point of Sale Displays

Any marketing effort that people are exposed to at a retail store is considered a point of sale display. This includes banners, signs, posters, stickers, screens, etc. 


One of the most up and coming methods of OOH advertising is known as wildpostings. Check here https://www.loftypm.com/. Wildpostings are essentially smaller sized posters or signs that are placed in large numbers throughout urban areas. They are typically placed at eye level and have seen great success in promoting artists and others in the entertainment industry for an example.  

If you are a business owner that is looking into different marketing avenues, we highly recommend exploring outdoor marketing. In a world today that is heavily focused on in-home marketing methods like TV and radio, go against the grain and give out-of-home advertising a try. You will thank us later!

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