Super Bowl isn’t anything special for people that don’t live in the USA. For them, it’s just another sports event. The popularity of this sport is mostly limited to North America, and thus not many people from other continents are interested in it.

But Super Bowl is the most significant sports event in the USA and the number of people that watches it every year makes it one of the most attended events in the whole world. USA citizens love football (or as other nations say American football) and that attracted a lot of attention to the sport as well as the event. The number of stars rose and being a winner, or even a participant, in the Super Bowl, is something every team and every player wants. And only two best teams from the American soil can have the honor of being the part of this great event.

Super Bowl –Bigger than any football match

This event became more than just a game between two teams. It became an event where it’s important to be seen, and thus many actors and other famous people can be found in first rows during the match. Super Bowl turned from a final game of the season into an event that is focused on commercials and advertisement more than anything else. A second of commercial time during the Super Bowl costs more than 150 000 dollars, which is far above any other event.

Every player wants to play in the Super Bowl because it has a lot of coverage by various media. But not every successful player can become a part of that event. An individual that played at the Super Bowl isn’t a better person or even a better player than one that didn’t. An excellent example of this is Torrey Smith. He is a great player that helped several teams rise from bad seasons and achieve minor successes. He also did a lot of work off-the-field, including charity work. He is a great person even though he never played at the Super Bowl.