Coal Miners Day 2018


Just as there is a “day” for everything else, why not have one for the coal-miners!

Back Ground

These are some of the important features of Coal-miners day: Coal-miner’s day is a relatively new concept. The announcement for the same was made in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The trend was started by Governor Edward G. Rendell. In 2007, he officially marked 19 Dec as “Coal-Miners Day”. The Governor made this decision in acknowledgement of the importance of the coal miners’ place in the society. The increasing number of mining accidents and deaths drew attention towards safety laws.

The following bodies collaborated to take up the cause of safety and unity of the miners:

  • The administration
  • The legislature
  • Labor unions
  • Mining companies


In an attempt to strengthen the safety laws for miners, the following points were proposed on Coal-miners Day: Updating of the law that remains unmodified for over 40 years. Prompt implementation of the new bills. Handling the responsibility for the safety of the mines to respective owners/operators. Creating a seven-member Mine Safety Board to outline regulations and rules. Introduce new technologies to enhance safety measures. Verification and updates of underground mine maps to avoid accidents.


Since the past years, the following changes have been made to enhance and ensure safety of miners: Induction of safety officials to examine mine permits applications and reject them if any fallacy in safety measures is observed. Underground mine maps to be validated and verified prior to conducting mining operations. Increasing the distance between active and abandoned mine from 200 feet to 500 feet to reduce the probability of accidents. Replacement of old equipment and induction of state-of-art safety equipment and technology. Conducting regular awareness, training and teaching programs for mining personnel at all levels.


The Governor commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Darr Coal Mine Disaster on Coal Miners Day. He acknowledged the significance of coal in the history and economy of Pennsylvania. He paid a tribute to all the miners who had lost their lived in mine disasters and urged others to learn from these unfortunate incidents.

Activities and Events:

Coal Miners Day is celebrated mostly in the United States in the following manner: Events and programs to honor and acknowledge the contribution and sacrifices of miners. Paying tribute to all miners who have lost their lives and their families. Acknowledging the great professional risk that miners encounter everyday. Analyzing the efficacy of safety measures in conferences.

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