Four Ways Magento Development Agency Differs From Shopify

Four Ways Magento Development Agency Differs From Shopify


In the world of eCommerce, there is a range of options to optimize your sales performance and reach online consumers. 

To sum it up, businesses really have two options. Option one is engaging with a Magento development agency. Option two is purchasing Shopify software, which uses AI to help you create the site. 

But what is the difference, and which one should you choose? 


  • How it is hosted


Shopify is a hosted platform. Magento is self-hosted. What does this really mean? A hosted platform takes care of everything for you. This means that Shopify does absolutely everything and is a good entry-level solution for businesses. But how you use the platform is entirely up to the user, meaning for newcomers especially, it is a bit of a guessing game. 


However, Magento has more capabilities. So, by using an agency that are expert in Magento capabilities, Best Mobile Casinos in NZ they can use their technical skills to really bring to life the potential Magento can bring to the table. Magento can really create big brands and big revenue and using a Magento development agency can ensure that the program is being used correctly for your business. 



  • Customer Service 


Sure, Shopify can do it all in their software. But what happens when a problem arises? You can contact the customer support portal, but you will need to queue up and wait patiently for someone to assist you. So, cross your fingers the issue is not a big one. 


 In contrast, using a Magento development agency means you get around the clock support with any problem that might arise. They have recourses that are here for just these instances to  help get your project back on track. There is no longer the need to have a mental breakdown when technology has slapped you in the face and given you a range of issues you now how to figure out. You are not in it alone! 



  • Track Record


Sure, Shopify is “user friendly” and accessible to anyone. And that is great. But at the end of the day, it is up to the user to figure out how to utilize the capabilities. Some Shopify sites perform great. Some do not. It is up to the user to determine the ROI and maximize potential. 


Using a Magento development agency, they have a proven track record that they know what they are doing and know how to utilize Magento. Best of all, you can refer to their other clients to see how they have helped them and get the assurance they are worth every cent. 



  • Reporting and transparency


Yes, Shopify does have analytics where users can get an understanding for how their eCommerce site is being used and where the areas for improvement are. But it is then up to the user to determine how to fix the pain points and optimize the site even further. 


When using a Magento development agency, they will provide you with detailed reporting of the website’s analytics and explain what the numbers mean. You will see what is working well, what improvements need to be made and, most importantly, how to make those changes. And as a bonus, using an agency means there is transparency and honesty in everything they do. So no random charges to accomplish another task. Just a friendly alias who is there to truly help you succeed. 

As you can tell, there are perks to using Shopify. For many businesses, it has proven to be successful. But using a Magento development agency adds the much-needed human element of providing support, offering expert advice and making your website the priority all the time. Why wouldn’t you choose to use a Magento development agency?

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