Five Myths About CBD

Five Myths About CBD


Oh the wonderful world of CBD, where everyone has preconceptions and misconceptions about what it really is and how it actually works. 

The CBD industry has take off with a bang, so it is no surprise that many people have become doubters as what always happens on the rise to fame. CBD is something that many are still wrapping their head around and while official research is being undertaken, there is a constant battle to ensure people have the right information about CBD. 

So we want to clear up a few myths around CBD and give you confidence in what it can really do for you. Here are the top five myths debunked that you need to know about:

1.CBD has not been scientifically proven to help with anything

Wrong. While it has not been scientifically linked with helping with everything, there are a range of ailments scientists agree on. For example, it was proven that CBD helps with seizures and the FDA has approved a form of it to be prescribed by doctors to patients who do supper from epilepsy. 

  1. CBD is a scam

Wrong again! CBD is groundbreaking an not yet fully understood by the general public. But it is certainly not a scam. There are a range of problems that CBD can assist with—from arthritis, soreness, acne and fatigue. People often get confused when CBD comes into the same conversation as other beauty products—but it should have never been in that conversation to begin with. The aim is not for beauty. The aim is to help people live a pain-free life! 

  1. CBD gets you high

Does CBD get you high? No, it does not! It is a common misconception that CBD will get you high. But what gets you high is actually THC. While both have similar benefits and are taken for similar reasons, CBD does not get you high if taken in the correct dosages. For many, CBD can actually be more powerful than THC and for others, a combination of CBD and THC is needed to achieve the trick. It really comes down to the person and the problem that is needed to be fixed. 

  1. The more CBD the better

Again, this is an inaccurate line of reasoning that is in no way true! CBD in the purest form typically has a peak dose—meaning that doses that are too low or too high are ineffective. How you take CBD also indicates how much CBD is needed and how your body receives it. For example, CBD oil that is swallowed will go through the body without ever entering the bloodstream. When it comes to CBD, it is quality over quantity. 

  1. CBD works instantly

Unlike THC—which hits the brain immediately, CBD is progressive. Some people do feel an immediate difference, but many claims they do not feel anything. This is why it is important to first determine why you want to take CBD to begin with so that you can accurately measure the results and judge if it is working. 

So there you go. Five myths about CBD debunked. How do you feel about it now? Next time you hear one of these myths out in the open, you will be able to accurately correct their misperceptions and help educate them as to why they too should be considering CBD. With so much research still taking place, it is likely that what we know about CBD right now might change tomorrow. But what we do know for certain is that there is no time like the present to start safely enjoying the many benefits that CBD provides us all with.

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