Good Reasons to Sue a Car Dealership


Most drivers have never run into a situation where they need to sue a car dealership. Most also don’t know someone who has entered into this type of legal battle, either. Yet, it happens more than you might think. There are times, however, when you might need to seek legal compensation. Check out this list of good reasons to sue a car dealership.

Lemon Law

If the vehicle you purchased turn out to have a substantial defect, then you’re entitled to compensation under Lemon Law. A substantial defect is one that impacts the safety, value, or drivability of the car. It doesn’t matter if the car is new or used, either.

You’ll need exceptional legal aid, like this California Lemon Law attorney, to win the fight. Dealerships are well known for doubling down on their supposed innocence and hiring an excellent legal defense. You have rights, though, and an attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Lying and Fraud

There are countless scams dealerships use to squeeze more money out of buyers. They may advertise one price and sell you the car at a higher cost, often with added costs or hidden fees. They make pack the contract with options and accessories you never agreed to purchase sellmyhousefast. They could lie to you about the value of a trade-in, lie about your credit score, or lie about financing.

All of these excellent reasons to sue a car dealership. These deceptive practices are against the law, giving you the right to seek compensation. They can be difficult to spot, however, so keep your eyes open for red flags.

False Advertising

The sweet deal you saw on TV for that brand new sedan or SUV is enticing, but it also comes with a ton of fine print right in the commercial. The reason for this is so dealers can’t be sued for false advertisement since the information was available and presented to the consumer.

Some dealers, however, love to promote false deals to reel in customers. Then, they charge an arm and a leg while trying to make it seem as though the buyer is still getting a deal. If you’re advertised one thing but receive another, that’s illegal and entitles you to a lawsuit.

Breach of Contract

You sign a lot of paperwork when financing a vehicle, complete with stringent rules on what both parties can and cannot do during the timeframe of the agreement. If your dealer breaches this contract at any point in time, they’ve illegally acted under a binding agreement. Lawyer up and get ready to sue.

Getting Started

If any of the above has happened to you, your first step is to hire legal aid. You could try to call the dealer, but chances are they’ll just lie to you or use what you might say in anger against you in court. Instead, let a lawyer handle dealing with their shady tactics and pursue the legal route.

Legal professionals can investigate all aspects of your claim, compile that into compelling court evidence, and make your case before a judge. This will also help other consumers from falling victim to the same dealer’s scams or lies. Thousands of people earn compensation from lawsuits against dealers each year, and so can you if you’ve become a victim.

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