How to Set Up an Early Learning Group


There are many young parents that cannot find a suitable early learning program for their child and it isn’t unusual for a group of mothers and fathers to form with the aim of home-schooling their children as a group. The law in Australia is quite clear about home-schooling; if you can present a curriculum that they approve and demonstrate how you will deliver the content, you are allowed to self-educate your children. You will need a set of tools to assess the students and, of course, the physical resources to host an early learning program, and with that in mind, here are a few tips.

Creating the Group

Of course, this would be the first step and the families involved need to come up with a firm plan on what is required, what will be taught and by whom. If, for example, 5 couples all wanted their children to be in the group, that would give you 10 adults, who can all contribute is many ways. The curriculum would be a major aspect of your preparation and you should look at the Australian National Curriculum for early learning, as this will be a benchmark you must follow.

Creating the Learning Environment

There are affordable children’s school chairs from Grocorp, along with small tables and a whiteboard, which are essential items. Ideally, you should have a good selection of early learning resources; building blocks, puzzles and other learning toys, which the children should be allowed to explore at specific times. This free play element is an important part of a toddler’s day and for 30 minutes, the children should be encouraged to interact with these resources, which develops motor skills.

Sharing the Responsibility

It would be normal for each family to plan a perfect trip and to host the school session one day a week, which gives the children a variety of learning environments. Of course, it might be that one family are unable to provide the venue, but they can help in other ways by heading up projects and spending time with the kids. Costs would be shared of course and the more people involved, the lower the share cost. It must be stressed that receiving government approval is no walk in the park and your group will have to research, plan and present your early learning program, having taking the government guidelines into account. The Internet hosts a wealth of information about early learning and this will provide you with all the information you need to set up your group. You should spend some time on helping students to pass a final exam, as they will have to do this for the local authority.

Student Assessment

This is an aspect that you cannot ignore; every system of learning must have benchmarks and tools that enable you to accurately measure student learning outcomes. This is one area that the local authority will want to see (click here for Australian government information on home-schooling).

The parent group does need a leader and that appointment should be made by democratic vote, along with other tasks; financial management, lesson planning, resources supervisor and schedules, are all aspects you need to include in your planning.

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