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We all know that white label means a service that can be resold or rebranded, which is a popular service in the SEO industry, but you may not have heard of the term ‘white glove’. This term is used when complex and expensive technical equipment has to be delivered, located, installed and then configured. It kind of makes sense that such equipment would need special handling, and the white glove set of services are specifically called for when expensive hi-tech equipment needs to be moved, installed or relocated.

List of white glove services

The white glove services that are in demand today include the following:

  • White glove delivery – When a hi-tech system needs to be delivered to its final destination, this is not something that any commercial removal company can do, indeed, it requires very special skills, resources and equipment to carry out a white glove delivery. A specialist company by the name of Rhenus High Tech Ltd is a leading UK white glove service provider with more than 30 years of practical experience in handling technical equipment and systems. This would include final-mile delivery, when the equipment has to be maneuvered into a specific location and that means handling the equipment around doorways, up sets of steps and around other obstacles.
  • White glove collection – This is removing tech equipment from a site and either disposing of it, or relocating it to another site, where it will be reinstalled, set up and finally configured. This is often required when a company expands, moving to a larger facility, and without white glove collection, this would not be possible.
  • White glove relocation – When tech equipment needs to be relocated, a specialist white glove company will be called in, and the first thing they do is to survey the current site and the new site, while gathering data from the client. Then they are able to quote for the project and should the client be in agreement, the planning can begin.
  • White glove disposal – If a company needs to dispose of a lot of IT hardware, for example, they would call in a specialist white glove operator who would have the resources and the connections to safely dispose of the hardware. Old computer hardware can be recycled and there are specific guidelines for doing this, so you need a certified white glove provider who is government approved.
  • Value Added Services – There are times when new tech equipment needs to be unpacked and set up, then the staff need to be trained on how to use the equipment. The technicians would be fully qualified and manufacturer approved to work on the equipment, and are able to train the client’s staff.

If you are ever in need of any of the above white glove services, an online search will help put you in touch with the right provider, one that has the skills, resources and experience to safely carry out the work.

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