Every year the NBA Draft becomes an event that determines the fate of many upcoming players. It has always been an event that could raise some players to the stardom and shoot some talented people down. But scouts and other staff work hard to ensure to locate and pick only the best players that appear in the draft.

So, in a way, the draft is an excellent place for scouts and other team members to prove their usefulness. If they do their job as well as they can, then the officials from the club know who to pick. They collect data and follow players through their practice and lower competitions, and that info helps the club to decide who will turn into a star and who won’t make the cut.

American and Non-American players on the draft

The draft is one of the most significant events in the world of basketball. Every player has a dream to play for one of the NBA teams, and the draft is their ticket for it. Young potential stars come to the draft in three different ways.

American players tend to go to college league to prove that they have a potential to succeed in high-level competitions. This is an excellent way to see whether young players have that something that will propel them into the world of the NBA.

Many European players that have potential also go through the college league before the draft. This allows them to adapt to a faster-paced NBA-like basketball and a good portion of them succeeds in reaching the best basketball competition. This is how Alex Len came to play in the NBA. His road to success was impressive as he abandoned the first chance to play in the college league. You can find all about him on the Wikipedia, and you should check it as it is a good read.

The final way in which players can become part of the pick is to apply for the same from other non-American basketball leagues. The best non-American association that produces a lot of NBA players is the EuroLeague. Players that come from this league already have experience of playing important games, and the only thing they need is to adapt to the NBA.